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Making Headlines

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Despite decades of effort by presidents and advocacy groups to promote minority and female candidates to the bench, our 1,355 sitting federal judges remain 81 percent white and 76 percent male.”
—Maya Sen, assistant professor of political science, writes in a New York Times op-ed that appeared May 2

Democrat & Chronicle

“Racism is the American tragedy. And in recent years there has been a series of social dynamics that has been making things worse.”
—University President Joel Seligman says in a Democrat and Chronicle article covering a racial equality panel hosted by the YWCA.

Antarctic Sun

“We’re trying to improve our understanding of the Earth’s climate system by looking into the past—seeing how the temperature was changing, how greenhouse gases were changing.”
—Vasilii Petrenko, assistant professor of earth and environmental sciences, told the Antarctic Sun. He is principal investigator on a three-year field project to mine tons of ice from a glacier in Antarctica.

USA Today

“The concern is that a subsequent season will lead to cumulative brain injury. The concern is that it just adds up.”
—Jeffrey Bazarian, associate professor of emergency medicine at the School of Medicine and Dentistry, tells USA Today. Bazarian is lead author of a study that indicates repeated blows to the head common in sports or combat cause structural damage to the brain.

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