Centers of Excellence

By creating the Institute for Data Science, multiple centers—including those that exist now as well as those that are planned—can coalesce. Researchers from diverse areas will work together to harness the potential of data and advance knowledge and discovery in their fields. These centers are critical to the success of the Institute for Data Science.

Center of Excellence in Data Science—a New York State Initiative

One of New York State's most innovative and ambitious high technology initiatives is the establishment of "Centers of Excellence" at leading universities. These centers support high technology ventures and encourage the rapid commercialization of scientific breakthroughs.

The institute will also serve as the home for the recently designated Rochester Center of Excellence in Data Science, which with support from Governor Andrew Cuomo and our New York State delegation, received $872,333 in the 2014-15 budget. The University will also seek additional capital support for the institute in the budget and through the state’s regional economic development process.

The center will help establish the region and the state as a hub for new talent and a leader in analyzing and commercializing the limitless uses of data to improve quality of life and to fuel economic growth. Learn more.

Center for Integrated Research Computing (CIRC)

CIRC is the brain that supports data science at the University. The center supports 550 users with individual and group training, and it hosts monthly symposiums where researchers showcase their work, learn about emerging computing technologies, and participate in collaborative discussions. These include faculty members, postdoctoral scholars, research staff, graduate students, and undergraduates from more than 35 River Campus and Medical Center departments and centers. Learn more.

Health Science Center for Computational Innovation (HSCCI)

HSCCI is an evolving partnership between the University and IBM. The center is home to IBM Blue Gene/Q super computers, making it one of most powerful computer systems in the world. Data science and high-performance computing hold the potential to revolutionize the way diseases are studied, monitored, and treated by allowing scientists to sift through and analyze huge volumes of data and create complex models and simulations that would previously not have been possible. Learn more.

Center for Biomedical Informatics (CBI)

This is a planned center at the School of Medicine and Dentistry where basic, translational, and clinical research will be conducted across the continuum of biomedical informatics. The center will also support educational programs, infrastructure development, and support services.

Center for Energy and the Environment (CEE)

This planned center will play a central role in the University’s data science initiative. It will leverage our research expertise in science, engineering, and health disciplines to develop new energy technologies, better understand earth system dynamics, and address the human health implications of various energy resources. The center will provide scientists and engineers the tools to understand and solve some of the most complex issues facing our planet. Learn more.

Rochester Center for Health Informatics (RCHI)

This planned center in the University of Rochester Medical Center will use health care data and cutting-edge analytics to improve the health of our community, with the goal of making Rochester one of the healthiest communities in the country.