University of Rochester Goergen Institute for Data Science


Opening Remarks
8:30 AM Henry Kautz University of Rochester Big Data Initiative Creating Data Science
8:45 AM Joel Seligman President, University of Rochester Welcome
Machine Learning
9:00 AM John Langford Microsoft Research New York City Learning from Lots of Data
9:25 AM Vikas Sindhwani IBM T. J. Watson Research Center Mathematical Sciences Research Group Finding Non-linear Structure in Big Data: Randomized Algorithms for Large-scale Kernel Methods
9:50 AM Ruslan Salakhutdinov University of Toronto Department of Computer Science & Department of Statistics Recent Advances in Deep Learning: Learning Structured, Robust, and Multimodal Models
10:15 AM coffee
Government & Industry
10:40 AM Ellen Voorhees U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Metrology for Big Data
11:05 AM Fei Wang IBM T. J. Watson Research Center Healthcare Analytics Research Group Feature Engineering for Predictive Modeling with Large Scale Electronic Medical Records: Augmentation, Densification and Selection
11:30 AM Saurabh Kataria Xerox Research Center Webster Big Data and Customer Care: A case study of early intervention using Social Media
11:55 AM Bin Zhang Fox School of Business, Temple University Comparing Peer Influences in Large Social Networks
12:20 PM lunch
Life Sciences
1:30 PM David J Carey Weis Center for Research, Geisinger Medical Center Leveraging the Resources of an Integrated Health Care System for Translational Research
1:55 PM Alex Paciorkowski University of Rochester Medical Center, Center for Neural Development and Diseases Autism Genetics and the Challenges of Curating Brain Development
2:20 PM Amit Mukherjee Cold Springs Harbor Laboratory Whole-Brain Circuit Mapping in Mouse
2:45 PM Marc Schieber University of Rochester Medical Center Department of Neurology The Big Data Needs of Neuro-Prosthetics
3:10 PM coffee
Physical & Social Sciences
3:35 PM Eric Gawiser Rutgers University Department of Physics & Astronomy Billions and Billions of Stars: Big Data in Astronomy
4:00 PM Aran Garcia-Bellido University of Rochester Department of Physics Data Generation, Simulation, and Analysis in Particle Physics
4:25 PM Edith Law Harvard Center for Research on Computation and Society Re-thinking Citizen Science from the Scientist's Perspective
4:50 PM John Kessler University of Rochester Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences Big Data in the Ocean Sciences: from ultra-fast instrumentation to global data integration
5:30 PM Reception
6:15 PM Dinner
After Dinner Talk
7:00 PM M. Ehasan Hoque University of Rochester Department of Computer Science Computers to Help with Conversations: Affective Framework to Enhance Human Nonverbal Skills