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Workshop Session A

A1: Incorporating LGBTQ Curriculum in the Classroom

A1This panel representing all the schools at the University of Rochester, offered concrete examples of how they infuse LGBTQ (the commonly used acronym for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer) research and curriculum into their classrooms and their teaching practice, from undergraduate programs through doctoral studies programs.  Small group discussion with time for questions followed the panel presentation.

Brockenbrough, Assistant Professor of Teaching and Curriculum at the Warner School
BJ Douglass, LCSW, Adjunct Faculty for the Susan B. Anthony Institute for Gender and Women Studies, and the Warner School
Panel: Anne Nofziger, Chunkit Fung, Craig Sellers, Katherine Ciesinski, Rachel Remmel, Karen Mackie, Logan Hazen, Jeffrey Tucker, James Johnson

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A2A2: Language in Action: How Conversation Leads to Institutional Change at the Eastman School of Music

This workshop outlined the Eastman Diversity Committee's evolving conversation, including the challenges and insights, in defining diversity for our musical institution. In the musical context, who is underrepresented? This workshop traced Eastman's conversation, leading to the Dean's proposal of a revised mission statement to include diversity as a core mission.

Caterina Falli, Associate Professor of English as a Second Language at the Eastman School of Music
Catherine Branch
, Flute; Katherine Ciesinski, Professor of Voice;  John Fetter, Assistant Professor of Music Education; Ellen Koskoff, Professor of Ethnomusicology. All the presenters serve on the Eastman Diversity Committee.

Power InequitiesA3:Responding to Power Inequities in the Workplace: A Process Development Case Study

Using an adapted health care quality improvement model, participants processed a case study of an adverse organizational event involving power inequities and ineffective management that can result in harmful, dissatisfying outcomes for employees. Participants were invited to develop recommendations for improving work climates and evaluate the model’s potential utility.

Daryl Sharp
, Associate Dean for Faculty Development and Diversity and a Faculty Diversity Officer in the School of Nursing

A4:Mastering Inclusive Leadership

This workshop presented a framework to consider multiple aspects of diversity, and explore the dynamics of learning and contributing in diverse communities. Participants left this interactive workshop with an enhanced ability to understand and enact inclusive practices.

Valeria Sinclair-Chapman,
Director of Graduate Programs within the David T. Kearns Center for Leadership and Diversity in Arts, Sciences and Engineering
Liz Daniele,
Academic Adviser within the David T. Kearns Center

Mastering Inclusive LeadershipMastering Inclusive Leadership

A5: A Global Dialogue: Understanding the International Graduate Student Experience

This session explored the experiences of international graduate students on campus. We highlighted various challenges and discussed how University divisions approach such issues, which strategies are successful, and where further development could be helpful. Opportunities were available to discuss programs and brainstorm future initiatives.

Stephanie Beetle, Senior Immigration Advisor, International Services Office
Panel: John Hain, Logan Hazen, Wendi Heinzelman, Laura Gavigan, and Linda Lipani

2012 Diversity Conference: Change the Conversation