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Our Differences, Our Strength Registration

Descriptions of workshops for the conference are listed below.  As you read the descriptions, please choose one workshop in each time block and remember both the corresponding letter and number of the workshops you choose.  For any questions regarding registration, please contact Kurt Zeller at

Registration closed at 5pm on April 5, 2013.  Please contact Maggie Cassie if you have questions or concerns.

Workshop Session A (10:30-12:00)

A1: Moving Beyond Affirmative Action: A Holistic Review of Applicants for Medical School
This interactive workshop will use Turning Point Technology to elicit audience responses to several hypothetically competitive medical school applications using a holistic review process that excludes race and ethnicity. Provocative questions will be presented to engender audience discussion about the application reviews and decisions.

Presenters: John Hansen, Associate Dean for Admissions and Professor of Neurobiology and Anatomy, Brenda Lee, Assistant Dean, Medical Education and Student Affairs, and Assistant Professor, Adrienne Morgan, Senior Director, The Center for Advocacy, Community Health, Education and Diversity

A2: Eroding Boundaries: Creating a Multi-Disciplined Approach to Teaching New Leaders about Diversity and Inclusion
**Session has reached capacity**
This interactive workshop will share how UR faculty and staff members crossed the boundary of their disciplines to collaborate on a dynamic and creative class tailored to engage new leaders in a unique discussion about diversity, and identify ways you can ensure inclusion is a lived value.

Presenters:  Kristin Hocker,  Organization Development Specialist, Human Resources Organization Development Office and John Fetter, Assistant Professor, Music Education

A3: Addressing Racial Discrimination in Rochester: A Multi-level Approach
**Session has reached capacity**
This session will shed light on racism in Rochester, focusing on reports of major lifetime events, every day experiences with discrimination, and the burden on our community. Attendees will participate in discussion of a multi-level approach to combating the impact of racism on individuals, our community, institutions and policies.

Amina Alio, Assistant Professor of Public Health Sciences, Cindi Lewis, Graduate student, Kingdom Mufhandu, Graduate student, Heather Elder, Graduate student

A4: Welcoming Deaf and Hard of Hearing People in Research, Treatment, Work, and Education
Deaf and Hard of Hearing people are a vibrant, important part of the Rochester community. Please join us as we dispel myths and support engagement of this community. This workshop provides the opportunity to advance your understanding of Deaf culture and will provide you with best practices toward inclusion.

Kimberly Kelstone
, NCDHR Staff Interpreter, NCDHR Staff / Community Partners - Official presenters not yet determined

A5: What is Gender Anyway, and Does it Matter?
Guided interactive discussions about gender beliefs vs. evidence from biological and social perspectives will help untangle fact from fiction. Challenges to gender stereotypes should produce an open conversation about how to achieve social inclusiveness for all. Opportunity based on merit independent of gender will be considered in the larger context of diversity.

Presenters:Terry Platt, Professor of Biology and Faculty Associate of the Susan B. Anthony Institute for Gender and Women’s Studies, Kelly Clark, Intergenerational Programs Director at the Gay Alliance of Genesee Valley.


Workshop Session B (1:00-2:30)

B1: Depolarizing Differences: Negotiating the Dichotomy of Conflicting Perspectives
**Session has reached capacity**
Respect for diversity extends to ideas and world-views. Views are often polarized as being pro or con, politically correct or politically incorrect. In inclusive academic institutions, opposing, and sometimes offensive, ideas are shared. This interactive session will present and demonstrate communication strategies, and provide practice opportunities for discussing ideas without sacrificing one’s position or denigrating others for theirs.

Dena Swanson
, Associate Professor, Counseling & Human Development, Katy Allen, President, and Consultant/Trainer, Impact Training & Evaluation, Inc., Harriette Royer, University Intercessor

B2: Multicultural Identities and Talking about Religion on Campus
**Session has reached capacity**
This workshop will engage participants in questions of religious diversity, tolerance and pluralism on a multicultural campus. The presenters will highlight their work on these issues at the Eastman School of Music which lead to an interfaith discussion titled: Identities at Eastman: Talking about Religion on Campus.

Caterina Falli, Director of the Eastman Writing Center and Associate Professor of English as a Second Language and Director, ESL Program, Members of the Eastman Diversity committee will join in the workshop

B3: Project SEARCH: Promoting an Inclusive Workforce
The University of Rochester Medical Center is a host to Project SEARCH, an innovative transition-to-work model that encourages community collaboration, challenges systemic barriers to successful employment outcomes, and enhances opportunities for competitive employment for people with significant disabilities. This workshop highlights the goals and outcomes of this program.

Julie Christensen, Project Director for the NYS Partnerships in Employment Systems Change Initiative, Susan Hetherington, Co-Director, Strong Center for Developmental Disabilities, Kim Zingaro, Project SEARCH Instructor Gabrielle Brandenberg, Project SEARCH Job Coach

B4: Deaf Professionals in the Workplace: Several Cases and Valuable Guidelines on Valuing Diversity by Successfully Integrating Deaf Professionals
Deaf Professionals in the workplace are an enhancement and strength to our diversity, not a burden. This workshop will enumerate the strengths and experiences of Deaf Professionals already in practice.

Elizabeth Ballard
, Certificate in Healthcare Interpreting, URMC Manager of Interpreter Services and
Will Hayes, Deaf Interpreter

B5: The University of Rochester Medical Center Joining Forces with the American Assembly for Men in Nursing
The Assembly of Men in Nursing has set a goal of 20% of men in nursing by the year 2020; however, currently only 8% of nurses are men. Our workshop will examine and listen to the experiences of nurses and explore the barriers to reaching the 20/20 goal

Dwight Hettler, Nurse Manager, Mark Ott, RN, Pat Witzel, Strong Memorial Hospital's Senior Nurse, Mary Carey, Associate Professor or Nursing


Workshop Session C (2:45-4:15)

C1: Affirmative Action in Colleges and Universities
The recent Fisher v. University of Texas case concerns racial preferences in college and university admissions – the efforts by both public and private institutions to give a lift, in effect, to some applicants from minority groups, including blacks, Latinos and American Indians, that have historically been underrepresented on university campuses. If in response to this case the justices strike down the admissions’ offices longstanding practice of affirmative action, it could have a profound impact on how colleges choose whom to admit and why. In an interactive conversation, utilizing a variety of provocative questions centered around affirmative action in admissions, the participants will explore possible avenues for building a broadly diverse student body that can create an educational environment most conducive to learning.

Jon Burdick,
Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid, Arts, Sciences and Engineering, Morgan Levy, University Counsel, Equal Opportunity Compliance Director

C2: Minority Male Achievement, Mentoring, and Access
The Minority Male Leadership Association (MMLA) presents a “Success Symposium” to combat low minority male achievement in Rochester, NY. Recognizing the power of mentorship, knowledge, and drive – MMLA brings together successful minority male graduate students, faculty and staff that are dedicated to both researching and teaching proven strategies for success.

Francis Ellis, Graduate Student, Warner, John Davis, Graduate Student, Simon, David Paul, Medical Student
Clifford Pierre, Medical Student, Nathan Kadar, Associate Director, Student Services Programs

C3: Breaking the Silence: How to Engage in Crucial Conversations to Foster a Climate of Inclusiveness
**Session has reached capacity**
Are there crucial conversations that you should be having but aren’t? Concerns related to inclusiveness can become “undiscussable”, because the stakes are so high. This workshop offers tools and techniques that we have used within University IT that can help to break the silence and engage in crucial conversations.

Samantha Singhal, Director for Planning and Communications University IT, Jeffrey Carpenter, Analyst, University IT

C4: The David T. Kearns Center Model: Building Bridges Towards Successful and Inclusive Partnerships with Youth
Framed by Kearns Pre-College division, we outline methods to advance first generation, low-income, and minority students along the educational pipeline. Understanding that pre-college advising informs college advising, participants will develop successful methods of community engagement, inclusion and support for underrepresented populations with specific connections between the University and Community.

Audrey Burns
, Kearns Center Academic Counselor, Angelica Stevens, Kearns Center Academic Advisor,
Laura Albert, Kearns Center Academic Counselor

C5: Who are We? Who are They?
Our objective is to increase understanding of individuals re-entering our community after incarceration. Diversity plays a big role in the re-entry process, particularly for people of color and those living in poverty. We will describe challenges faced and ways to address these problems, including the Women's Initiative Supporting Health (WISH).

Diane Morse, Assistant Professor, Psychiatry, JoZ Powers,  Health Project Counselor, Precious Bedell, Health Project Counselor

Registration closed at 5pm on April 5, 2013.  Please contact Maggie Cassie if you have questions or concerns.

For any questions regarding registration, please contact Kurt Zeller at

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