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Workshop Session B

Workshop Session B (1:00-2:30)

Depolarizing Differences Workshop

swansonB1: Depolarizing Differences: Negotiating the Dichotomy of Conflicting Perspectives
Respect for diversity extends to ideas and world-views. Views are often polarized as being pro or con, politically correct or politically incorrect. In inclusive academic institutions, opposing, and sometimes offensive, ideas are shared. This interactive session will present and demonstrate communication strategies, and provide practice opportunities for discussing ideas without sacrificing one’s position or denigrating others for theirs.

Dena Swanson
, Associate Professor, Counseling & Human Development, Katy Allen, President, and Consultant/Trainer, Impact Training & Evaluation, Inc., Harriette Royer, University Intercessor

Multicultural Identities PPTB2: Multicultural Identities and Talking about Religion on Campus
This workshop will engage participants in questions of religious diversity, tolerance and pluralism on a multicultural campus. The presenters will highlight their work on these issues at the Eastman School of Music which lead to an interfaith discussion titled: Identities at Eastman: Talking about Religion on Campus.

Caterina Falli, Director of the Eastman Writing Center and Associate Professor of English as a Second Language and Director, ESL Program, Members of the Eastman Diversity committee will join in the workshop, and Rev. Dr. Denise Yarbrough

Christensen PPTB3: Project SEARCH: Promoting an Inclusive Workforce
The University of Rochester Medical Center is a host to Project SEARCH, an innovative transition-to-work model that encourages community collaboration, challenges systemic barriers to successful employment outcomes, and enhances opportunities for competitive employment for people with significant disabilities. This workshop highlights the goals and outcomes of this program.

Julie Christensen, Project Director for the NYS Partnerships in Employment Systems Change Initiative, Susan Hetherington, Co-Director, Strong Center for Developmental Disabilities, Kim Zingaro, Project SEARCH Instructor Gabrielle Brandenberg, Project SEARCH Job Coach

Ballard PPTB4: Deaf Professionals in the Workplace: Several Cases and Valuable Guidelines on Valuing Diversity by Successfully Integrating Deaf Professionals
Deaf Professionals in the workplace are an enhancement and strength to our diversity, not a burden. This workshop will enumerate the strengths and experiences of Deaf Professionals already in practice.

Elizabeth Ballard
, Certificate in Healthcare Interpreting, URMC Manager of Interpreter Services and
Will Hayes, Deaf Interpreter

B5: The University of Rochester Medical Center Joining Forces with the American Assembly for Men in Nursing
The Assembly of Men in Nursing has set a goal of 20% of men in nursing by the year 2020; however, currently only 8% of nurses are men. Our workshop will examine and listen to the experiences of nurses and explore the barriers to reaching the 20/20 goal

Dwight Hettler, Nurse Manager, Mark Ott, RN, Pat Witzel, Strong Memorial Hospital's Senior Nurse, Mary Carey, Associate Professor or Nursing

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