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University-wide Events that Celebrate Diversity

In the 2009 report “Improving Faculty Recruitment and Retention at the University of Rochester: A Diversity and Inclusion Initiative”, Recommendation #12 reads “Increase integration and support of programs that build a more inclusive environment.” In response to this recommendation, President Seligman has asked “the Office for Faculty Development and Diversity to coordinate additional support of University-wide events that celebrate diversity.”

The adoption of this recommendation signals the university’s unequivocal intention to set an institutional context that is welcoming to every voice that speaks in support of a diverse and inclusive environment. To this end, the Office for faculty Development and Diversity has developed an initiative that identifies specific offices throughout the University that currently provide resources and organizational support to annual diversity and inclusion programs of interest to students, faculty and staff. We began by organizing Black History Month, Women's History Month, and Hispanic Heritage Month.  In 2011, we have added LGBTQ Awareness Month, and plan to add Native American History Month.