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Tornado Watch

Issued by the National Weather Service indicating conditions are favorable for the development of tornadoes in the watch area. These watches are issued with information concerning the watch area and the length of time the watch is in effect.

General Actions:

  1. Monitor weather conditions and weather reports.
  2. Review quantities of emergency supplies for possible use.
    1. General supplies include:
      1. Flashlights
      2. Batteries
      3. Portable radio
      4. Food
      5. Water (Think about filling tubs and sinks with water)
      6. Medicine
    2. Patient Care supplies in addition to the above include:
      1. Linens
      2. Pharmaceuticals
      3. Medical supplies
  3. If time is available - procure, request or obtain supplies.
  4. Identify safe areas which include windowless rooms, basements or inside hallways.
  5. Ensure all exterior windows and doors are closed and latched.
  6. Close curtains and blinds.
  7. Where practical, secure items on the exterior that could become projectiles (i.e. chairs, tables, trash receptacles, bikes, bike racks, etc.).
  8. Alert others outside and advise them to seek shelter.

Staff Actions:

  1. Incident Commander assesses the need to activate the Emergency Operations Center.
  2. Monitor weather conditions and reports.
  3. Encourage faculty/staff/students to remain in the building if exterior conditions look ominous.
  4. Isolate or remove chemicals that can react violently with each other.
  5. Identify/review shutoff and isolation valves for your systems.
  6. Ensure necessary tools and procedures are available.
  7. If time permits, Facilities inspects roof and outdoor drains are free from debris in order to handle heavy rains.
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