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Rochester Alumni at Top Private Universities

Many students with undergraduate degrees from the University of Rochester’s College of Arts, Sciences, and Engineering have gone on to earn Ph.D. degrees in a variety of fields, medical degrees or law degrees. This list of over 150 alumni provides details on the Rochester degree(s) they earned and their current faculty titles. Each name is linked to the faculty member’s web page.

School Graduate Degree Title
Harvard Gabrielle Bercy-Roberson BS Biochemistry 1989

MD 1993
Instructor in Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Biology
Harvard Gurjeet Birdee BA Religion 1998

BS Biological Sciences / Biochemistry 1998

MD 2002
Instructor in Medicine
Harvard Jean-Valery Coumans BS Biological Sciences / Biochemistry 1990

MD 1994
Assistant Professor of Surgery (Neurosurgery)
Harvard Roger Davis BA Mathematics and Statistics 1975

MA Statistics 1978
Associate Professor of Medicine; Associate Professor in the Department of Biostatistics
Harvard Arnold M. Epstein BA Mathematics and Political Science 1969 Foster Professor of Health Policy and Management;                        Professor of Medicine
Harvard Jerry R. Green  BA Mathematics 1967

PhD Economics 1970
Leverett Professor and Wells Professor of Political Economy
Harvard Tanya Mayadas BA Biology 1983

PhD Biochemistry 1990
Associate Professor of Pathology
Harvard Keith A. Marill BA Physics 1985 Assistant Professor of Medicine
Harvard Myron Belfer BA Psychology 1961 Professor of Psychiatry in the Department of Social Medicine
Harvard Carole Mitnick BA Political Science 1988 Assistant Professor of Social Medicine
Harvard Jesse D. Roberts BA Biochemistry 1978

MS Biochemistry 1982, MD 1982
Associate Professor of Anaesthesia
Harvard Barry I. Rosenblum BS Biological Sciences / Biochemistry 1983  Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery
Harvard Richard S. Ruback BS Social Science 1976

PhD Business Administration 1980
W. Prescott Smith Professor of Corporate Finance
Harvard Paula D. Ryan BS Biology / Biochemistry 1985

PhD Biochemistry 1990

MD 1994 
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Harvard Matthew D. Shair BS Chemistry 1990 Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Harvard Rudolph E. Tanzi BS Microbiology 1980

BA History 1980
Professor of Child Neurology and Mental Retardation
Harvard Dustin Tingley      BA Political Science 2001 Assistant Professor of Government
Harvard Jay A. Winsten BA Biology 1965 Associate Dean for Public and Community Affairs                           in the School of Public Health
Yale Peter S. Aronson BA General Science 1967 C N H Long Professor of Internal Medicine (Nephrology) and Physiology 
Yale Diane J. Charney  BA 1968 Lecturer in French
Yale Robert Dubrow BA General Science 1969 Associate Clinical Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health
Yale Justin E. Fox  BA Politcal Science and Economics 1997

PhD Political Science 2004
Assistant Professor of Political Science 
Yale Susan A. Higgins BS Biochemistry 1983

MD 1990
Associate Professor of Therapeutic Radiology
Yale Laurence R. Horn BA French 1965 Professor of Linguistics and of Philosophy 
Yale Michael J. Levene BS Optics 1992 Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Yale Roberta Romano BA History 1973 Ruebhausen Professor of Law
Yale Michael P. Snyder BA Biology and Chemistry 1977 Cullman Professor of Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology
Yale Vinod H. Srihari BA Biological Sciences 1994

MD 1998
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
Yale Paul E. Turner  BA Biology 1988 Associate Professor and DGS Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Yale Mark H. Weinstein BA Biology 1965 Assistant Clinical Professor of Plastic Surgery
Princeton Stephen M. Kotkin BA English and History 1981 Professor of History
Princeton Adam H. Meirowitz BA Political Science and Economics 1996

MS Public Policy Analysis 1997
Garrett Professor in Politics
Princeton Lee C. Mitchell BA English 1969 Professor of English, Holmes Professor of Belles-Lettres
Princeton Willard J. Peterson  BA 1960 History Wu '58 Professor of Chinese Studies
Princeton Frank Stillinger BS Chemistry 1955 Senior Chemist
Pennsylvania Regina Austin BA History 1970 Schnader Professor of Law
Pennsylvania Michael Blank BA Psychology 1980 Associate Professor of Psychology in Psychiatry
Pennsylvania Wilfred J. Ethier BA Mathematics 1965

PhD Economics 1970
Professor of Economics
Pennsylvania Paul Gadue BS Cell and Developmental Biology 1995 Assistant Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Pennsylvania Steven Hahn BA History 1973 Nichols Professor of History 
Pennsylvania Jeremy D. Kufafka BA Physics 1999 Assistant Professor of Clinical Anesthesiology and Critical Care
Pennsylvania Deborah Linebarger BA Psychology 1991 Assistant Professor of Communication
Pennsylvania David L. Porter BA Biochemistry 1981 Professor of Medicine 
Pennsylvania Bruce R. Saran BS Biochemistry 1984 Clinical Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology
Pennsylvania Mark S. Schreiner BA Chemistry 1974 Associate Professor Anesthesia
Pennsylvania J. Sanford Schwartz BA History 1970 Hess Professor of Internal Medicine
Pennsylvania Richard D. Shlansky-Goldberg BA Biology / Psychology 1980

MD 1984
Associate Professor of Interventional Radiology
Pennsylvania John Trueswell BA Cognitive Science 1988

PhD Psychology 1993
Professor of Psychology
Pennsylvania Eric S. Weinberg BA Chemistry 1963 Professor of Biology and Genetics
Pennsylvania Robert M. Weinrieb BA Psychology 1979 Associate Professor of Psychiatry 
Pennsylvania Kenneth Zaret BA Biology 1977 Adjunct Professor of Genetics, Joseph Leidy Professor of Cell and Molecular Biology
Columbia Pam Factor-Litvak BA Chemistry 1977 Associate Professor of Clinical Epidemiology 
Columbia Neil A. Feldstein BA Sociology 1980 Associate Professor of Neurological Surgery
Columbia Robert Lewy BA Psychology 1967 Associate Clinical Professor of Environmental Health Sciences and Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine
Columbia Peter C. Lombardo BA 1955 Associate Clinical Professor of Dermatology
Columbia Christopher J. Mayer BA Economics and Math 1987 Milstein Professor of Real Estate 
Columbia Robert A. McCaughey BA History 1961 Professor of History; Robb Chair in the Social Sciences
Columbia Edward Mendelson AB English 1966 Lionel Trilling Professor in the Humanities
Columbia Ronald J. Waldman BA History 1967 Professor of Clinical Population and Family Health; Professor of Clinical Epidemiology
Dartmouth Leslie A. Butler  BA History 1991  Associate Professor of History
Dartmouth Tanzeem Choudhury BS Electrical Engineering 1997 Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Dartmouth Pamela Ely BA Philosophy 1972 Associate Professor of Medicine and Pathology
Dartmouth Hany Farid BS Computer Science with Applied Mathematics 1988 Professor of Computer Science
Dartmouth Jonathan S. Skinner BA Economics 1977  Dickey Third Professor in the Social Sciences/ Professor of Community and Family Medicine
Cornell Robert Benezra BA Mathematics 1975 Associate Professor of Cell Biology & Genetics
Cornell Daniel H. Buckley  BS Microbiology 1994 Associate Professor of Crop and Soil Sciences
Cornell Alexander L. Gaeta BS Optics 1983

PhD Optics 1991
Professor of Applied and Engineering Physics
Cornell Stuart Hart BA General Science 1974 Professor of Management/Samuel C. Johnson Chair in Sustainable Global Enterprise
Cornell Robert A. Hillman BA History 1969 EH Woodruff Professor of Law
Cornell Clare Ann Hochreiter BA Chemistry 1972 Associate Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine in Cardiothoracic Surgery
Cornell Michael R. King BS Chemical Engineering 1995 Associate Professor in Department of Biomedical Engineering
Cornell John A. Marohn BA Physics 1989

BS Chemistry 1989
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Cornell John A. Muckstadt BA Mathematics 1962 Acheson-Laibe Professor, Operations Research & Industrial Engineering
Cornell Anthony Ogedegbe BS Microbiology 1994

MD 1998
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Cornell Edward B. Swartz BA Mathematics 1981 Associate Professor of Mathematics
Cornell Luise Weinstein BA Mathematics 1978 Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine
Brown Andrew W. Artenstein  BA Political Economy of Labor 1981 Professor of Medicine
Brown Sheila E. Blumstein AB Linguistics 1965 Mead Professor of Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences
Brown Alfred Buxton AB Biology 1969 Professor of Medicine
Brown Don Dizon BA Biology 1991

MD 1995
Associate Professor of Obstetrics/Gynecology
Brown Charles Eaton BA Biology 1973 Professor of Family Medicine and Director of Research
Brown Diane Hoffman-Kim BS Optics Engineering 1988 Associate Professor of Medical Science
Cal Tech Carl S. Parker BA Biology 1973 Professor of Chemical Biology
Cal Tech John H. Seinfeld BS Chemical Engineering 1964 Nohl Professor and Professor of Chemical Engineering
Stanford Laura L. Carstensen  BS Social Sciences 1978 Dickinson Professor of Psychology
Stanford Mark R. Cutkosky BS Mechanical Engineering 1978 Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Stanford Ira M. Friedman BA History 1968 Director, Vaden Health Center
Stanford Joan Roughgarden BS Biology and Philosophy 1968 Professor of Biology and Geophysics
Stanford Ivan A. Sag BA Linguistics 1971 Sadie Dernham Patek Professor in Humanities
Stanford Rafe H. Schindler BA Physics and Applied Mathematics 1974 Professor of Particle Physics and Astrophysics
MIT Susan Hockfield BA Biology 1973 President and Professor of Neuroscience
Chicago James Fackenthal BS Biology and Geology 1983 Assistant Professor of Hematology in Department of Oncology
Chicago David Freeman BA Brain and Cognitive Sciences 1997 Assistant Professor of Neurobiology
Chicago Stacey Kole BA History and Economics 1982 Clinical Professor of Economics
Chicago David Paushter BA Biology 1975 Professor of Radiology
Chicago Steven J. Sibener BA Physics and BS Chemistry 1975 Eisendrath Professor of Chemistry, James Franck Institute 
Chicago Hugo Sonnenschein BA Mathematics 1961 Adam Smith Distinguished Service Professor in Economics / President Emeritus
Duke Paul A. Baker BA Geological Sciences 1973 Professor of Earth & Ocean Sciences
Duke Carl J. Basamania  BA Psychology 1972 Associate Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery
Duke Daniel J. Gauthier BS Optical Engineering 1982

PhD Optics 1989
Bass Professor and Chair of Physics and Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Duke Edward D. Levin BA Psychology 1976 Professor in Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
Duke Judith Ruderman BA 1964 Adjunct Professor of English, Vice Provost for Academic and Administrative Services
Northwestern David A. Brown BS Physics 1981 Associate Professor of Physical Therapy and of Physical Medicine
Northwestern Donna M. Jurdy BA Geological Sciences 1968 Professor of Geology
Northwestern Carole B. LaBonne BS Biology 1989 Assistant Professor of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Cell Biology
Northwestern Robert H. Listernick BA Biology / English 1975 Professor of Pediatrics
Northwestern Phyllis I. Lyons BA English 1964 Associate Professor of African and Asian Languages and Comparative Literary Studies
Northwestern Franziska B. Lys BS 1980

MA Linguistics 1981
Department  Chair and Associate Professor of German
Northwestern Judith A. Rosenbaum BA Political Science and History 1973 Clinical Professor of Law and Director, Communication and Legal Reasoning
Northwestern Mary K. Rundell BS Biology 1968 Professor of Microbiology - Immunology
Northwestern Paula H. Stern BA 1959 Professor of Molecular Pharmacology and Biological Chemistry
University of Missouri Matthew J. Ravosa BA Paleoanthropology 1983 Associate Professor of Cell and Molecular Biology
Washington University Mark C. Johnson BA Biology 1978 Associate Professor of Pediatrics
Washington University Eugene H. Rubin BA Psychology 1971 Professor of Psychiatry
Washington University Wayne Yokoyama BA Biology 1974 Sam & Audrey Loew Levin Professor of Medicine
Johns Hopkins Roberta L. Babbitt BA Psychology and Music 1981 Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Johns Hopkins Harold E. Fox BA Biology

1967 and MS Physiology 1972
Professor/Director of Gynecology & Obstetrics
Johns Hopkins Laura A. Guay BA Biology / French 1981 Associate Professor of Pathology & Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Johns Hopkins Phillip A. Kolker BA Music 1963

MM 1967
Conservatory Instruction Faculty (Peabody)
Johns Hopkins Douglas B. Murphy AB Biology 1967 Professor of Cell Biology & Anatomy
Johns Hopkins Ethan Vishniac BS Astro Physics and BA Mathematics 1976 Professor of Physics and Astronomy
Emory Alan I. Abramowitz BA Political Science 1969 Barkley Professor of Political Science
Emory Ann J. Abramowitz BA Psychology 1970 Senior Lecturer in Psychology
Emory Ira R. Horowitz BA Biology 1976 Leach Professor, Vice Chair for Clinical Affairs, Chief Medical Officer of the Emory University Hospital
Emory Robert J. Jensen BS Management Science 1967 Associate Professor/Director of  Educational Studies
Emory W. James Parks BA Biology 1973 Assistant Professor of Pediatrics & Assistant Professor of Radiology
Emory Roger W. Rochat BA Chemistry 1962 Research Professor, Director of Graduate Studies
Rice Joseph P. Manca BA American History and Political Science 1978 Cullinan Professor of Art History
Rice Richard J. Stoll AB Political Science 1974 Professor of Political Science, Albert Thomas Chair of Political Science
Vanderbilt Joshua D. Clinton BA Political Science 1996 Associate Professor of Politics
Vanderbilt Thomas M. Harris BS Chemistry 1955 Research Professor of Chemistry
Vanderbilt J. Harold Helderman BA History 1967 Professor of Medicine, Microbiology and Immunology
Vanderbilt Robert L. Mode BA 1962 Associate Professor of History of Art
Vanderbilt Erin A. O'Hara BA Economics and Political Science 1987 Professor of Law, Director, Law & Human Behavior Program
Vanderbilt Shirley B. Russell BA 1962 Research Assistant Professor of Medicine
Vanderbilt Tracy D. Sharpley-Whiting BA French Literature 1989 Professor of French and Professor of African American Studies
Vanderbilt R. Lawrence Van Horn BA Philosophy 1989, MPH 1990, MBA 1992 Associate Professor of Management 
Carnegie Mellon Bruce Armitage BS Chemistry 1988 Professor of Chemistry, Co Director of CNAST
Carnegie Mellon Jon Cagan BS 1983

MS 1985
Ladd Professor in Engineering
Carnegie Mellon John H. Mather BA Chemistry 1964 Executive Director, Masters Program; Teaching Professor of Marketing
Carnegie Mellon David C. Plaut BA Cognitive Science and Mathematics 1984 Professor of Computer Science and Psychology
USC Norman Arnheim BA Biology 1960

MS Biology 1962
Ester Dornsife Chair in Biological Sciences and Professor of Biological Sciences and Biochemistry
USC William M. Berelson BA Geological Sciences 1977 Professor of Earth Sciences
USC Doug Hammond BA Chemistry 1967 Professor of Earth Sciences
Brandeis Seth J.Coluzzi BA Music 1998 Assistant Professor of Music
Brandeis Rachel B. Kramer Theodorou BA Political Science 1993 Professor of Education
Brandeis Judith E. Tsipis BA Professor of Biology and Director, Genetic Counseling Program
New York University Nathaniel Beck BA Mathematics 1967 Professor of Politics
New York University Arthur R. Miller BA History 1955 University Professor
New York University Matthew Stanley BS Physics and Religion 1998 Associate Professor Gallatin School
New York University Craig T. Wolff BA Political Science 1979 Clinical Associate Professor of Journalism

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