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Technical Support Staff

Computational Scientist

Jonathan Carroll-Nellenback, Ph.D.
Jonathan Carroll-
Nellenback, Ph.D.

Areas of Expertise:

 • Scientific visualization
 • Data analytics
 • Parallel computing
 • Fortran

Jonathan Carroll-Nellenback, Ph.D., is a computational scientist with the Center for Integrated Research Computing, where he works with researchers to build and utilize computational and data analytics tools to solve research problems. Trained as a computational physicist, Jonathan applies his experience working with high-performance computing and visualization tools to a variety of disciplines, including health sciences. He also has experience adapting and optimizing code for the Blue Gene/Q environment. 

Jonathan works directly with faculty and students from over 40 departments and centers across the University to demonstrate novel ways to visualize and analyze data in the VISTA Collaboratory. Using the direct connection to the supercomputers in the Research Data Center, Jonathan helps investigators integrate computational and visualization tools into their research to enable new discoveries.

He received his Bachelors in Math from Asbury College and his Ph.D. in Physics and Astronomy from the University of Rochester, where he studied the turbulent formation and evolution of molecular clouds and the numerical modeling of highly compressible fluids. Part of Jonathan’s thesis was the design and construction of AstroBEAR, a massively parallel Adaptive Mesh Refinement code in use at the University of Rochester and publicly available to the research community.

System Administrator

Carl Schmidtmann
Carl Schmidtmann

Areas of Expertise:

 • High-performance
 • Systems architecture
 • Linux
 • C programming

Carl Schmidtmann is a system administrator with the Center for Integrated Research Computing, where he ensures that all hardware and software that support the research community at the University are available and ready to use. 

Carl is responsible for designing and implementing the systems and infrastructure needed for connecting the VISTA Collaboratory to the supercomputers in the Research Data Center. Working with Jonathan, he has created an environment that allows faculty and students to easily display computational results and large data sets on the display wall in the VISTA Collaboratory. 

Carl has experience supporting computational platforms for research and was instrumental in the deployment of the Blue Gene/Q supercomputer. He also serves as the architect and system administrator for the next-generation Linux cluster (BlueHive), which contains over 200 compute nodes and coprocessor acceleration cards.

As an instructor for CIRC workshops, Carl teaches faculty and students more about using Linux, open source tools, and C programming in their research projects.