Invisible Culture | Issue 13 | Spring 2009
Guest Editors: Maia Dauner and Cynthia Foo

Gloria Kim
Godfre Leung

Reviews Editors
Rebecca Burditt
Lucy Mulroney
Genevieve Waller

Public Relations
Sohl Lee
Nicola Mann

Design and Layout
Godfre Leung
Shota Ogawa

Editorial Board
Janet Berlo
C. Ondine Chavoya
Bridget R. Cooks
Jennifer Doyle
Paul Duro
Darby English
Steven Flusty
Daniel Humphrey
Grant Kester
A. Joan Saab
Howard Singerman
Rochelle Steiner
Tina Takemoto
Frazer Ward



Invisible Culture

Issue no.13: After Post-Colonialism?

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