Over the past three and a half months, we have conducted a thorough and objective independent investigation. Our investigation has substantiated a number of allegations in the complaints, not substantiated others and refuted some. This Report gives a full accounting of our work, findings and recommendations. It was a very difficult, and at times wrenching, undertaking. We credit that some BCS students were negatively impacted by the professor's conduct earlier in his career at the University. Partly as a result of that conduct, but also because of the broad dissemination of the often exaggerated descriptions of that conduct, the esteemed BCS faculty has been fractured and the University's reputation has been harmed. This case illustrates once again that a community can be damaged when public discourse on important issues fails to separate rumor from fact, to distinguish between different levels of wrongful conduct, and to apply a sense of proportionality in the consideration of how prior conduct should be remediated.

There are a lot of facts to absorb from our Report about these events. Once that is done, it is important to look beyond the specifics and details of this matter and turn toward the future. In our view, the University and all involved here now have a unique opportunity to make such amends as can be made, heal and work hard to become the thought and moral leader for the academic community in preventing and dealing fairly with allegations of sexual harassment and all forms of discrimination in the academic workplace. Set the bar and set it high. "Ever Better" is what UR is about.