A. Overview

B. Scope and Independence of the Investigation

C. Summary of Key Findings and Recommendations


A. Jaeger's Pre-2014 Conduct

1. Jaeger's Characteristics and Behavior

2. Misstatements and Exaggerations about Jaeger's Characteristics and Behavior

3. Jaeger's Relationship with Celeste Kidd

B. Jaeger's Post-2014 Conduct

1. Academic Settings

2. Social Settings

3. Sexual Remarks

C. The University's Investigations and Their Aftermath

1. The Nearpass Investigation (March - May 2016)

2. The Nearpass Report & Clark Determination (May - June 2016)

3. Appeal of the Nearpass Findings (July - August 2016)

4. Aftermath of the Nearpass Investigation (June - July 2016)

5. The July 2016 Letter

6. The Curtin Investigation & Appeal Determination (July - November 2016)

7. Bixby Complaint (August 2016)

8. DeAngelis Sanctions Jaeger and Forms Workplace Conduct Committee (August - September 2016)

9. Claimants' Meetings with Seligman and Van Slyke (October - November 2016)

10. Aslin's Letter to Jaeger and Jaeger's Concern for His Students (November 2016)

11. Provost Clark's Memo to Faculty (November - December 2016)

12. Aslin Resigns in Protest (December 2016)

13. Jaeger Apologizes to BCS Faculty (December 2016)

14. Professional Repercussions for Jaeger (December 2016 - February 2017

15. University Administrators' Engagement with the BCS Faculty Complainants' Policy Proposals (November 2016 - January 2017)

16. January 2017 Faculty Meeting

17. Hayden and Heilbronner's Retention and Hiring Issue (December 2016 - April 2017)

18. Spring 2017 Performance Reviews of Kidd and Piantadosi (February 2017)

19. Potential RIT Group Hire (May 2017)

20. Maternity Leave and Course Load Issues

21. Events Leading Up to EEOC Complaint (March 2017 - September 2017)


A. Sexual Harassment

1. Governing Legal Standards

2. Quid Pro Quo Harassment

3. Discussion of Hostile Environment Claims Based on Jaeger's Pre-2014 Conduct

4. Discussion of Hostile Environment Claims Based on Jaeger's Conduct from 2014 Onwards

5. Summary of Sexual Harassment Conclusions

B. Retaliation

1. Governing Legal Standards

2. Discussion of Retaliation Claims


A. Intimate Relationships Policy

B. Policy Against Discrimination and Harassment

C. Policy on Conflicting Relationships

D. Information Technology Policy

E. Investigation Policies and Procedures

F. Sexual Harassment Training


A. For the President and General Counsel

1. Notice of Investigative Process and Rights

2. Advisers for Claimants and Accused

3. Training Programs

4. UR Policy 106

5. Confidentiality Policy

6. Publicize Annual Data on Harassment Complaints

7. Information Technology Policy

8. Access to Policies, Procedures and Resources

B. For the Board of Trustees, President, Provost, Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate, Leadership of GSA and the Commission on Women and Gender Equity in Academia

1. UR Intimate Relationships Policy

2. Dedicated Office to Investigate Sexual Harassment or Misconduct by Faculty Members

C. For the President and Board of Trustees

1. Cabinet-Level Officer to Oversee Implementation

2. Trustee or Special Committee to Oversee Implementation