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About Box

Box is a service offered at the University of Rochester for current faculty, staff and students that allows you to share and collaborate on documents and other files online. With a UR Box account, you can invite both UR and non-UR individuals to collaborate with you. Using Box, you can:

● Store, manage and preview files in many formats
● Access content through all major browsers, and through mobile devices running iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry
● Share files and folders while controlling access with a range of permissions from preview-only to full editing and collaboration rights
● Comment on files
● Create simple workflows
● Take advantage of integrated applications
● Synchronize documents to your desktop

Box Specifications

● Box requires the latest release of one of the following browsers: IE 9, Firefox 13, Chrome, Safari 5 for Mac (Safari for PC is not supported).

● Check that the user is running the latest release of Flash and Java. Check Java for PC (For Mac run Apple’s software update, which will let you know if a newer version is needed). Check Flash (PC and Mac).

● Mac OS 10.5 and earlier is not supported because it is not able to run the latest release of Java. You will need to be running 10.6.8 or higher (Snow Leopard or above).

● Clearing cache and cookies will resolve most web application issues. Clear Cache.

● Each account has a total storage allotment which can vary from one account to the next. Each user has an individual total storage allotment set by the admin. NOTE: Files, file versions, and files in the Trash folder ALL count against this storage allotment.

Personal Accounts vs. UR Box Accounts

University of Rochester Enterprise Accounts provide more storage space and features than personal accounts, but they should only be used for university related content. When someone graduates or leaves the University of Rochester, we recommended users work with their Group Admin to remove or transfer their content after which the UR Box account will be closed.

Personal Account

Box offers free personal accounts to the public. Anyone can have a free personal Box account associated with a non-UR email address, and created with a username and password of your choosing. An account of this type would not be an official University Box account (see comparison chart below).

Important:If you create a free personal Box account, be sure to associate it with an email address other than your University of Rochester email account.

Permitted Use of UR Box

The use of a Box account is for University of Rochester business only and should never contain legally restricted information such as Social Security Numbers (SSN), Patient Protected Health Information (HIPAA), Student Information (FERPA), Protected Health Information (PHI) or Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Please read the following information for further details.

Terms of Service

Information Technology Policies