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IT Advisory Council

This group, established in 2007, serves as a University-wide advisory body to the Office of the Vice President for IT regarding the use of information technology in support of the University’s core missions of teaching and learning, research, healthcare, and community service.

IT Governance Council

Front Row (left to right):  Dave Garcia, Joe Meister, Doug Wylie, Eileen Wirley, Bradley Halpern, Lori Packer, Samantha Singhal, Helen Smith

Back Row (left to right):  Holly Crawford, Robert Evangelista, John Barden, Mike Bell, Julie Myers, Eric Fredericksen, David Lewis, Kate Crowley, Ted Vaczy, Brian Harrington

Not pictured: Anjan Bagchee, Julie Buehler, Rajiv Dewan, Tom DiPiero, Adam Frank, David Krusch, Jerry Powell, Julie Sollenberger, Nancy Speck


IT Campus Leaders

Information technology leaders from across the University share information, develop recommendations and proposals, and support subgroup and special interest group collaborations through the IT Campus Leaders Group.

campus leaders

Back Row (left to right):  Rick Haverty, Robert Evangelista, John Barden, Jerry Powell, Ted Vaczy, Kevin Sciacca, Brian Harrington, Steve Clary, Eric Fredericksen, David Lewis, Dave Munson

Front Row (left to right):  Julie Myers, Eileen Wirley, Mike Bell, Evi Vanoost, David Garcia, Walter Fitch

Not pictured:  Joe Anderson, Anjan Bagchee, Stephen Brewster, Julie Buehler, Kate Crowley, Hoss Firooznia, Tony Lenzo, Eric Lobenstine, Sharon Martinez, Alex Nakonechnyi, Dev Ravichandran, James Roche, Alex Ryskin, Mike Schell, John Simonson, Helen Smith, Owen Zacharias