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Majordomo Mailing List Application Procedure

Setting up and administering a mailing list is very easy. The software ITS uses to setup mailing lists is called majordomo . Majordomo allows you to administer your list by sending commands in e-mail messages to add/remove people from your list and perform other administrative functions. You don't need an e-mail account on any specific machine to administer a majordmo mailing list. All you need is an e-mail account that can send mail to others via the Internet.


Applying for a mailing list for your UR department/organization

The application process for getting a mailing list begins with you filling out the online application.

On the mailing list application you can choose to have your list be closed (restricted to people you approve) or open (anyone in the world can subscribe without your approval). You can also choose to have your list moderated (where you approve everything that is sent to people on the list) or unmoderated (where everyone can discuss topics freely). The other thing you need to choose is the name for your list.


Applying for a mailing list for a class you are teaching

In conjunction with the University Registrar, ITS is now able to have instructors apply for a Class Roster Mailing List on-line by using Instructor Access .

Once you fill out the form on-line, the University Registrar will compile a list of students who are currently registered in the specified class and send the necessary information to ITS to complete setting up the list. Within three working days, your Class Roster Mailing List should be all ready for you to use.


Applying for a mailing list for personal use

If you would like to have a mailing list setup for your own personal use to keep in touch with friends, family, etc. you must apply for a mailing list by contacting the Computer Interest Floor (CIF) . ITS does not support mailing lists for non-University related purposes. You can write to the CIF mailing list manager for more information.


If you want any special setup options for your list (digests, archiving, standard subject prefixes, etc.), you can either contact ITS for more information, or include a note on your application of what you would like to have added.

Once you have completed this information, we will have your list setup for you in a couple of days and then send you directions on how to administer your list depending on your setup.