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Majordomo Mailing Lists

The ITS UNIX Systems and Consulting Group offers mailing list services to the entire University of Rochester community. Mailing lists allow you to send an e-mail message to a single address and then have that message be automatically delivered to a large group of people. Mailing lists allow easy two-way communication between you and the other members of your mailing list.

Applying for a Majordomo Mailing List

Information on how to apply for a mailing list (department/organization mailing lists, class roster mailing lists, personal mailing lists). You can also download a copy of the mailing list application to complete.

Majordomo Mailing List Policies

Policies for list use, bulk mailing lists, and other important information for list owners and users.

Majordomo User Etiquette Guidelines & Suggestions

Suggestions for majordomo users and list owners on proper list etiquette.

Majordomo Frequently Asked Questions

A compilation of frequently asked questions and their solutions.

Majordomo User and Administration Commands

A brief summary of useful majordomo user and administration command.

Majordomo Documentation

More detailed documentation for list administrators and users.