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New: Microsoft has started to roll out a feature called Clutter in O365.  This feature is advertised to help users focus on the most important messages in the inbox by “moving lower priority messages out of your way into a Clutter folder.”  Clutter is being turned on automatically, as it progresses through the different Microsoft tenants.  Since Clutter places items into their own folder there is the potential that legitimate email could inadvertently be moved incorrectly.  Users have the ability to move messages and conversations back into the inbox, and vice versa.

University IT is reviewing how our Office 365 administrators can ensure that critical messages make it into the Inbox, globally disabling this feature until communicated properly, provide a way to personalize Clutter notifications, and/or set retention policies for Clutter folders. Visit the FAQs page for instructions for enabling or disabling Clutter. 

Microsoft Office 365 is a suite of collaboration tools that includes Exchange-hosted email service. Please follow the directions on the Tutorials page to make the transition to Office 365.


  • Larger message storage capacity - 
50 GB for each user.
  • Improved access from portable devices including iPhone, Android, and Windows Mobile
 - Access calendar entries and contacts, as well as email, from your mobile device.
  • Convenient web and desktop access
 - Full service web interface for accessing email as well as compatibility with the desktop email program Microsoft Outlook.
  • More effective email search and calendar functions
 - Search your email for details such as whether an e-mail contains attachments, and save your favorite searches to reuse them. Share calendars with other Office 365 users and view multiple calendars side by side.
  • Built-in anti-spam message filtering - 
Integrated anti-spam tools for smoother control of email filtering and identification.
  • Seamless workflow with Microsoft Office and other programs
 - Send email easily from programs you use regularly, such as Microsoft Office.
  • 99.9% Uptime
 - Reliable assurance that you'll be able to reach your email content from anywhere, whenever you need it.

Features Not Available

  • Public folders (frequently used to set up calendars, task lists, and contact lists for team or group collaboration and events) are not supported.
  • Unable to view free/busy with URMC
  • Full delegation and mailbox sharing is not supported between Office 365 and UR Exchange 2010 on-premise.