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Mobile Computing Device Security Standards - Android Devices

Click here to see a video of how to set up Screen Lock on an Android Device.

Setting up Screen Lock on an Android Device

There are multiple versions of Android O/S phones available and each is configured differently but you can still use the directions below as a guide to walk you through setting up screen locks.

(Droid HTC Incredible 2 used for instructions)

  1. Go to All Apps
  2. Choose the settings option
  3. Choose the security option
  4. Choose "Set up Screen Lock" - You will be given 4 options. 
    1. None - Used to disable/reset screen lock
    2. Pattern - Follow directions on how to set up your pattern.  Connect at least 4 dots.
      1. Re-swipe
    3. PIN - (numeric) Must be at least 4 characters
      1. Re-enter
    4. Password - (alpha/Numeric)  Must be at least 4 characters
      1. Re-enter
  5. Go back to Security Option
  6. Choose lock phone after option
  7. Choose immediately option

You are all set.