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Acceptable Use

University Policy
Adopted by the Provost and General Counsel
March 17, 2011

University of Rochester
Policy on Acceptable Use of Information Technology and Resources

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Information resources and technology at the University of Rochester support the educational, patient care, instructional, research, and administrative activities of the University, and the use of these resources is a privilege that is extended to members of the University of Rochester community. As a user of these services and facilities, you have access to valuable University resources, to legally restricted and/or confidential information, and to internal and external networks. Consequently, it is important for you to behave in a responsible, ethical, and legally compliant manner.


This document establishes specific requirements for the use of all computing and network resources at the University of Rochester.
In general, acceptable use means ensuring that the information resources and technology of the University are used for their intended purposes while respecting the rights of other computer users, the integrity of the physical facilities and all pertinent license and contractual agreements. If an individual is found to be in violation of the Acceptable Use Policy, the University may take disciplinary action, including restriction of and possible loss of network privileges or more serious consequences, up to and including suspension, termination, or expulsion from the University. Individuals may also be subject to federal, state and local laws governing many interactions that occur on the University’s networks and on the Internet. These policies and laws are subject to change as state and federal laws evolve.


This policy applies to all users of computing resources owned or managed by the University of Rochester. Individuals covered by the policy include (but are not limited to) University faculty and visiting faculty, physicians, staff, students, alumni, contractors, volunteers, guests or agents of the administration, and external individuals and organizations accessing network services via the University’s computing facilities.
Computing resources include all University-owned, licensed, or managed hardware and software, University assigned user accounts, and use of the University network via a physical or wireless connection (including RESNET), regardless of the ownership of the computer or device connected to the network.
These policies apply to technology whether administered in individual departments and divisions or by central administrative departments. They apply to personally owned computers and devices connected by wire or wireless to the University network, and to off-site computers that connect remotely to the University's network services.

Acceptable Use

In making acceptable use of resources, individuals covered by this policy must:

* Personal web sites, chat rooms, web logs (also known as blogs) and other forms of publicly available electronic communications hosted on or linked from University information resources and technology must comply with this Acceptable Use Policy and prominently include the following disclaimer: “The views, opinions and material expressed here are those of the author and have not been reviewed or approved by the University of Rochester.”

In making acceptable use of resources, individuals covered by this policy must not:


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