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Identity Finder

What is it?

Identity Finder is a data loss prevention tool used to search University owned computers for files containing sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in the form of Social Security Numbers, Credit Card information, and Bank Account Numbers. It provides an easy to use interface to search your computer, including local and removable storage devices, network file shares, and email messages. PII discovered must then be deleted securely, redacted, or registered with University IT's SSN Registry. The use of Identity Finder will help safeguard the University community against identity theft and help the University comply with federal and state laws governing the safe handling and disposal of private information.

What is the goal? Who should be using Identity Finder?

The introduction of Identity Finder is a component of the University IT Strategic Plan for Security and Compliance, supported by the President and Provost. The goal is to locate and reduce the amount of PII stored electronically across the University.

Faculty and staff at the University should use Identity Finder to find repositories of sensitive data on their University owned computers. Scheduled scans will be conducted by University IT on a monthly basis, and you may conduct an on-demand scan at any time. You are responsible for taking action on all instances of PII found on your computer and removable storage devices. If you must maintain a repository of SSN, it must be registered with University IT's Social Security Number Registry.

For more information, please visit the University's Social Security Number and Personal Identifying Information Policy and SSN Registry page.

Identity Finder Quick Start Guide

The Identity Finder quick start guide will get you started searching your computer for sensitive data

Windows Quick Start Guide

Mac Quick Start Guide

Quick Reference Guide

Download - Windows and Mac OS X

Click here to login with your NetID and download. 
(Faculty and Staff only)
If you do not have a NetID (contractors, etc.) please contact the Help Desk.


For answers to Identity Finder frequently asked questions, click here.


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