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December 27, 2013

Phone Call - IT Security Emergency

We have been notified that someone within the University has received a phone call from a person claiming to be an IT manager with an urgent security emergency.  The caller insistently ordered the faculty member to visit a website, threatening to "shut down access to services" if they did not.

You should be very suspicious anytime someone claiming to represent the University of Rochester calls or emails you threatening to shut down access, lock accounts, or is asking for personal information.  No matter how official or persuasive, if you have any doubts about a phone call you should ask for a phone number and tell them you'll call them back after verifying their identity.

To confirm the identity of faculty or staff, you can contact the University IT Help Desk.  You can find the contact information for the Help Desk by visiting the University web page, scrolling to the bottom and clicking on Information Technology.  Their contact information is listed on the left, under "Need Help?".

Please click the image to view it full size.