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Report an Incident

Computer-Related Emergency

If you are experiencing a computer-related emergency, report it immediately by calling 275-2000.

Malicious Activity

If you have experienced malicious activity either originating from, or destined for the University of Rochester network, please email with information pertaining to the event.


For spam complaints, you MUST include complete header information. Without complete header information, we cannot process your complaint. Email clients generally do not display full headers and must be coaxed into doing so. If you are unsure how to do this, please refer to Interpreting Email Headers.

If you are reporting probes, scans, hacking attempts, or other suspicious activity, please make sure you include the following information in plain text:

  1. Logs with time/date stamps
  2. Time Zone
  3. Source IP Address
  4. Destination IP Address
  5. Source/Destination ports
  6. Any other brief pertinent information