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Security Tip of the Week

Tax Season Fraud


April 15th marked the end of the tax season; however, some people may find that they were unable to file their taxes as a thief fraudulently filed taxes using their social security number. WXXI reports that New York State expects over $500 million in fraudulent tax refunds will be rejected this year alone.

 In most cases it will not be noticed until after the second return is filed. Therefore victims will know because if the IRS receives 2 returns, the second form will be rejected and the victim will receive a notification either through mail (if paper filed) or immediately (if e-filed) from the IRS.

If you are aware that you were a victim in this type of identity fraud, please follow the guideline from Intuit below and also contact the University IT Office of Security & Policy (, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the local police department immediately.

Intuit’s instructions of notification and how to recover financial losses from the IRS:

WXXI Report on Fraudulent Tax Returns:

To create an Identity Theft Report with the FTC, please follow this link and its instructions:

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