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Friday, January 18, 2013

students sitting on a bench on Dandelion Square, at night from Eric Huan '15
D'Lion Square on a Tuesday night.

entrance to Residential Quad on a snowy day from Brian Castro '12
Entrance to Residential Quad.

Sunset over the Interfaith Chapel on a snowy day from Jonathan Garon '09
Sunset over the Interfaith Chapel.

leafless limbs against a gray sky
from Sarah Kirchoff, University Communications

Leafless limbs against a wintry Rochester sky.

gingerbread house in shape of Rush Rhees from Melissa Hewson '11
Gingerbread Rush Rhees designed by URSMD '15 students Michael Feldman ('11), Melissa Hewson ('11), Maura Tappen and Josef Bartels as part of the First Annual Polk Gingerbread Competition.

meridian from Michael Osadciw, University Communications
I'm working on a map project and needed to know which way was north - the Meridian came in handy.