University of Rochester
Community Service Activities 2003-2004

General Community

Agricultural Health Nurse Program of New York State

This program was established to help make farms safer places to work and live. The program consists of a team of three occupational health nurses with expertise in agricultural health and safety located throughout the state. The program provides assistance to farm families in the event of agricultural illness, injury, or death. They also educate farm workers and children on agricultural safety techniques.
Department of Environmental Medicine

Annual Family Health and Fitness Fair — Community Dentistry & Oral Disease Prevention

The program participates each year in the largest healthcare exposition in upstate New York. Emphasis is placed on the wellness of the senior adult population in Western New York.
Web/contact: 275-5007
Dr. Darlene Riggins-White, Education Coordinator, Community Dentistry & Oral Disease Prevention

Art Access

The Memorial Art Gallery arranges touch tours for blind and visually impaired adults upon demand.
Web/contact: 473-7720 x3024
Susan Dodge-Peters Daiss

Cancer Information Program

James P. Wilmot Cancer Center clinical faculty and staff provide tours and both on-site and off-site talk to school groups, community organizations, and employee groups on cancer-related issues, including prevention, detection, and treatment. Free pamphlets and brochures available.
Leslie White

C. E. Kenneth Mees Observatory

The Department of Physics and Astronomy offers free tours of the University's C.E.K. Mees Astronomical Observatory during the summer months of June, July and August. An informative slide presentation is followed by the viewing of astronomical objects through the telescope.

Center for the Study of Rochester's Health

The Center is a collaboration of the Monroe County Department of Public Health, University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, and the University of Rochester School of Nursing to improve the health of the community by supporting continuous community health improvement, fostering community health research, and increasing students' knowledge of applied population medicine.
Nancy M. Bennett, M.D., M.S.

City of Rochester — Department of Parks and Recreation

Students, faculty and staff engage in a large-scale cleanup of Ontario Beach Park as their Wilson Day project.
Community Service Network

Finger Lakes Regional Poison and Drug Information Center at the University of Rochester Medical Center

The Poison and Drug Information Center provides emergency management of accidental and intentional poison ingestions as well as drug and lactation information services to over 28,000 callers from the Finger Lakes region each year. The Center also provides poison prevention literature, resources, and facilitator training for child care providers, parents, grandparents, educators, community leaders, and health professionals who work with pre-school children. The Center, which serves a 12-county area, offers an Occupational and Environmental Toxicology Clinic available by primary care physician referral. TTY and translation services are available. Speakers for professional organizations or agencies are also available. The poison center has recently been awarded a grant to address special needs of some populations which allows for presentations specifically regarding deaf and migrant worker populations.
John Benitez, M.D., M.P.H., Managing Director/Assoc. Medical Director, Ruth A. Lawrence, M.D., Medical Director

Government Information

The Government Documents/Microtext Center of Rush Rhees Library at the River Campus receives 60 percent of all documents that are available through the Federal Depository Library Program. Assistance in using the depository collection is provided by the Government Documents staff to the University community and the general public. Access to the New York State document collection is also provided. There is Internet access to retrieve many federal and state documents electronically.
Web/contact: 275-4484
Tom Hickman

Health Action

Health Action is a cooperative effort to develop and implement strategies which will improve the health status of Monroe County residents. Serving on the Health Action Steering Committee are representatives from the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Strong Health. Health Action will focus on a few priority goals and mobilize the resources in the community to work on them together. Five health status "report cards" in the areas of maternal and child health, adolescent health, adult health, older adult health and environmental health will each contain goals for improving health. Priorities for each area are selected based on input from community surveys and focus groups and information from health providers.
Thomas Pearson

Health Action Electives

Students participate on research teams led by medical, nursing and public health faculty to improve the health of the community. Medical, nursing and public health students tie performance improvement methods, interdisciplinary collaboration and behavior change theory directly to projects linked to priority goals set by a community-wide health improvement project, Health Action. This model allows students to identify community leaders, set feasible goals, develop improvement plans, and perform interventions.
Students of Rochester Outreach, School of Medicine and Dentistry

Health Fairs

The staff of the clinical laboratories does glucose screenings at such events as the Southside Apothecary Health Fair at the Dome Arena, Henry Lomb School Health Fair, Puerto Rican Festival, Browns Race Neighborhood Fair, "Cooking Lite" Mobile Unit at Tops Greece and "Cooking Lite" Mobile Unit at Tops Perinton.
Vivian A. Palladore, Ed.D., Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Health Fairs — Highland Hospital

Highland Hospital participates in community health fairs. Highland provides free cholesterol and glucose testing and lung function testing at the fairs.
Highland Hospital

Mental Retardation/Developmental Disabilities Group (Department of Psychiatry — Ambulatory Services)

Open-ended groups for adults who function in the moderate to mild range of mental retardation, and who are grappling with life-style adjustments.
Department of Psychiatry — Ambulatory Services

Mt. Hope Cemetery

Wilson Day participants repaired sections of fence surrounding this historical cemetery at the edge of the University's property.
Community Service Network

Mt. Hope Family Center — Community Outreach

Mt. Hope's Community Outreach program is designed to forge collaborative relationships with other agencies in the community that serve children and families. Mt. Hope Family Center staff members are available to share information gained from intervention and research programs. Consultation and staff training are provided on topics such as child development, child maltreatment, prevention of emotional disturbance, community violence, intervention strategies, early childhood education, developmental psychopathology, and parenting skills.
Web/contact: 275-2991 x251
Rosemary Lum-Levine

Music for All

Throughout the academic year, Eastman School of Music student chamber ensembles present interactive concerns at a variety of locations in the Roch-ester area. Eastman faculty members and guest artists guide the students in developing community activity programs. Performance sites have included urban and suburban schools, the Hillside Children's Center, St. Anne's Home, and The Episcopal Home.
Elinor Freer

Nazareth College Annual Career and Health Fair — Community Dentistry & Oral Disease Prevention

Oral health educators support the health science curriculum of the Nazareth nursing department by providing students with information on a career in dentistry. A consumer friendly display board, brochures, and giveaways illustrate career path options available.
Web/contact: 275-5007
Dr. Darlene Riggins-White, Education Coordinator, Community Dentistry & Oral Disease Prevention

New York State Seventh District Dental Society Celebrates Children's Dental Health Month — Community Dentistry & Oral Disease Prevention

This event represents a successful collaboration between the dentistry program and the local dental constituency to bring oral health education to families. These events are usually held at local malls or museums and feature the "Tooth Fairy."
Web/contact: 275-5007
Dr. Darlene Riggins-White, Education Coordinator, Community Dentistry & Oral Disease Prevention

Oxfam Dinner

Raise awareness of world hunger via a popular dinner that raises funds and donated to combat hunger.
Hillel Foundation

Passport Health

Comprehensive preparation for international travel provided by travel and tropical health care experts. Services include: prescribe and administer immunizations and medications, precautionary measures for dietary and recrea-tional activities, up-to-date information on health risks and requirements for each destination. Passport Health also carries a full line of travel-related medications, supplies, and insurance.
Also provides College Wellness Program and Meningitis Vaccination Clinic for college-bound high school students as well as disaster preparedness response consultation and design services.
William Russell, R.N., B.S., B.A.

Project Believe

Launched in the fall of 2000, Project Believe has evolved as the community health mission of the University of Rochester Medical Center to help make Rochester the healthiest community in the nation by the year 2020. Through-out the institution, multidisciplinary community-academic partnerships are encouraged as the method for addressing community-identified needs. The major community health goals are to increase the quality and years of life for all individuals and eliminate disparity among racial and ethnic groups. Project Believe's initial priorities, based on Health People 2010's leading health indicators, are obesity, physical activity, nutrition, tobacco use, adult immunization, environmental quality and access to health care.
Web/contact: 273-3787
Andrea Lennon, Director

Public Defender/District Attorney's Internships

Selected juniors and seniors in the College serve as 12-hour-a-week interns in the local public defender's and district attorney's offices to earn academic credit through the Department of Political Sciences.
Lynda Powell

River Campus Libraries

Visitors are welcome to consult books, journals, government documents, special collections, selected electronic resources, and other materials while visiting the libraries. The Libraries' online catalog, web pages, and gateways to selected internet resources are also available to the general public through its Voyager Information System.
Stanley Wilder

River Campus Libraries and the Memorial Art Gallery Interlibrary Loan Services

The University of Rochester cooperates with the Rochester Regional Library Council in a lending and borrowing program. Collections, subject to University of Rochester internal policies, are made available to individuals through their local library's interlibrary loan department. Requests are submitted electronically and materials are supplied by local courier service and electronically.
Web/contact: 275-4454
Kathy Metz

Rochester Community Mobile Crisis Team

This mobile team can be accessed through Lifeline and will respond anywhere in Monroe County for all ages who are experiencing mental health crises. This team is composed of trained clinicians experienced in addressing a multitude of mental health issues.
Web/contact: 273-2590
Department of Psychiatry — Crisis Clinic

Rare Books, Special Collections and Preservation, Rush Rhees Library

The Department of Rare Books, Special Collections and Preservation maintains a regular schedule of exhibitions in the public areas of the department and in the Friedlander Lobby of the Library. Exhibitions are free of charge and open to the public during regular departmental hours. Upon request, guided group tours of exhibitions can be arranged. The Rare Books, Special Collections and Preservation lecture series is also open to the public free of charge; information about the collections, upcoming lecturers and exhibits can be found by visiting the Web site.
Web/contact: 275-4477
Richard Peek

What's Up

The Memorial Art Gallery offers community groups introductions to its collections and exhibitions, presented by staff and volunteers.
Web/contact: 473-7720 x3034
Debora McDell

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