University of Rochester
Community Service Activities 2003-2004

Teachers and School Administrators

American History as Dialogue Project

Teachers in grades 4 -12 join historians for a two-week summer workshop to conduct actual historical research which will become the basis of lesson plans for their classes. The summer sessions are supplemented by regular follow-up meetings during the school year. The program is designed to prepare teachers to help their students to more critically analyze the facts presented in texts and to become more discerning and active in their study of history.
Ellen Santora, Margaret Warner Graduate School of Education and Human Development

Autism Spectrum Disorders Program

Based at the Golisano Children's Hospital at Strong, the program provides behavioral/educational consultation to children/families/schools around the education of children with autism spectrum. It assists with more than 130 children in 10 counties and 26 school districts.
Caroline Magyar

Awards for Excellence in High School Teaching Program

This program recognizes outstanding teaching by giving awards each year to high school teachers in Rochester and surrounding areas and engaging them actively in the Warner School's professional development activities. Teachers are nominated by their own schools or districts, usually with the participation of students.
Christopher Penders, Margaret Warner Graduate School of Education and Human Development

The Educators Network-Information Reception

The College's Office of Special Programs hosts information receptions to introduce the University of Rochester's youth programs to area middle and high school principals, teachers, guidance counselors and staff members. These quarterly receptions provide valuable information about the programs at the University for students at the high school and middle school levels.
Web/contact: 275-2344
Gayle Jagel, Director, Office of Special Programs

Educators Workshops

The Memorial Art Gallery offers professional development programs for teachers on the permanent collection, special exhibitions, and other topics relating to the school curriculum.
Web/contact: 473-7720 x3051
Carol Yost

Enhancing School, Family and Community Partnerships

As the Warner School's Frontier Professor of School, Family and Community Relations, Howard Kirschenbaum works with school administrators, central office staff, teachers, university faculty, agencies staff, business community, parents and others on a wide variety of projects to help enhance the quality of school-family and school-community collaboration in Rochester and beyond.
Howard Kirschenbaum, Margaret Warner Graduate School of Education and Human Development

Finger Lakes Regional Poison and Drug Information Center at the University of Rochester Medical Center

The Poison and Drug Information Center provides emergency management of accidental and intentional poison ingestions as well as drug and lactation information services to over 28,000 callers from the Finger Lakes region each year. The Center also provides poison prevention literature, resources, and facilitator training for child care providers, parents, grandparents, educators, community leaders, and health professionals who work with pre-school children. The Center, which serves a 12-county area, offers an Occupational and Environmental Toxicology Clinic available by primary care physician referral. TTY and translation services are available. Speakers for professional organizations or agencies are also available. The poison center has recently been awarded a grant to address special needs of some populations which allows for presentations specifically regarding deaf and migrant worker populations.
John Benitez, M.D., M.P.H., Managing Director/Assoc. Medical Director, Ruth A. Lawrence, M.D., Medical Director

Gibbs Street Connection

A joint program of the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra and the Eastman School of Music, the GSC offers area teachers free tickets to selected concerts. Teachers may earn district in-service credit for participation in pre-concert lecture.
Donna Brink Fox

Hematology/Oncology Education Liaison Program (H.E.L.P.)

H.E.L.P. evaluates children (from infants to teenagers) with cancer and blood disorders for cognitive/academic difficulties related to treatment, monitors educational performance and programs, advocates for patients and families within the educational system, and educates patients, parents, and school districts on the neurocognitive/academic effects of cancer therapy, as well as conducting school reentry visits for classmates prior to a student's return after cancer diagnosis.
Kathryn Wissler, Georgia Beyer

In-Service Education on Eating Disorders

Golisano Children's Hospital at Strong, Division of Adolescent Medicine, provides in-service education on eating disorders to teachers and parents upon request.
Richard E. Kreipe, M.D., Theresa B. Litteer, M.S., P.N.P.

Internships in School Administration

An ongoing collaboration with city, suburban, and rural districts in which Warner School students have supervised internships in school administration. This is a partnership in which area schools provide Warner students an opportunity for important learning, Warner School students provide a service to area schools, and both Warner and area administrators are enriched by the collaboration.
Margaret Warner Graduate School of Education and Human Development

Institute on Catholic Education

An annual institute at the Warner School on topics of interest to private school educators. Begun in 1989, this program serves schools from the northeastern and midwestern United States.
Edwardine Weaver, R.S.M., Margaret Warner Graduate School of Education and Human Development

Memorial Art Gallery Tours

The Gallery works with teachers to design museum visits to coordinate with curriculum objectives.
Web/contact: 473-7720 x3051
Mary Ann Monley, Carol Yost

P.A.R.T.I.C.L.E. (Physicists and Rochester Teachers Inventing Classroom Experiments) Program

The Department of Physics and Astronomy hosts the P.A.R.T.I.C.L.E. Program to introduce local high school teachers and students to the work of researchers at the University in elementary particle physics. The department hosts a number of ongoing activities, including R&D in collaboration with local teachers in low-cost particle detectors for the high school classroom. The department also hosts summer workshops for teachers on the development of material to enhance the physics curriculum in their classrooms by the inclusion of examples and laboratory exercises related to modern research into the fundamental structure of matter.

Positive Behavior Supports Program

Provides evidence based case and classroom consultation, in-service training, and technical assistance to educational agencies and school districts serving students with disabilities who exhibit challenging behavior. Establishes partnerships with education teams to help students achieve personally meaningful academic and social goals.
Web/contact: 275-2521
Vincent Pandolfi, Ph.D., Director

Practicum and Supervised Internship Program

An ongoing collaboration with city, suburban and rural districts and community agencies in which Warner School counseling and human development students have a supervised internships in area schools and agencies. This is a partnership in which schools and agencies provide Warner students with an opportunity for important learning, Warner School provides a service to the schools and agencies, and faculty and staff at both institutions are enriched by the collaboration.
Margaret Warner Graduate School of Education and Human Development

Summer Science Academy

A summer science program for high school students and teachers. The Academy curriculum includes hands-on lab activities, seminars, independent library research and computer activities on topics including: microbiology, molecular biology, environmental medicine, biocomputing and bioethics. Activities are available for participating teachers to take back to school.
Dina Markowitz, Ph.D., Department of Environmental Medicine, School of Medicine and Dentistry

Teacher Resource Center

Housed in the Memorial Art Gallery's library, this new facility for area educators boasts a wide range of curriculum related materials including slide sets, posters, videos and multimedia resources. Area educators and students in graduate education programs may borrow resources without charge.
Web/contact: 473-7720 x3022

Teaching, Curriculum, and Change

Students taking this teacher preparation course research an urban neighborhood and present their findings to neighborhood representatives, visit community institutions to observe and participate in the neighborhood culture, and discuss the area's history, and current strengths and challenges, with neighborhood leaders. Class participants learn to understand the importance of socioeconomic context in teaching, and begin to form relationships with others in the community with whom successful educators will need to interface and collaborate.
David Hursh, Margaret Warner Graduate School of Education and Human Development

Teaching Mathematics

A grant from the National Science Foundation and several grants from the Eisenhower Foundation support this multi-year project in which mathematics teachers, parents, students, and community members in several local schools are learning to understand and implement an inquiry approach to teaching mathematics. Project began in 1996.
Judith Fonzi, Director, Raffaella Borasi, Ph.D., Warner Center for Professional Development and Education Reform, Margaret Warner Graduate School of Education and Human Development

Violence Prevention Program

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurses lead all day workshops for school faculty, staff and administrators to promote safe environments and safe outcomes in potentially violent situations in the school setting. The interactive workshop focuses on assessing and modifying the school environment to promote safety, developing skills to assess and intervene early and effectively in threatening situations, and planning to provide effective responses in the event of a crisis.
Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing

The William Warfield Partnership

The William Warfield Partnership is an ongoing collaboration between the Eastman School of Music (ESM) and the Rochester City School District (RCSD). The intent of the Partnership is to provide expanded musical education and opportunity for city youth and to work together to provide a model urban music education program. William Warfield, one of the great vocal artists of the 20th century, was raised in Rochester and is a graduate of the Rochester City School District and the Eastman School of Music.
Eastman School of Music

The Warner School Center for Professional Development and Education Reform

The Center supports the development, implementation and research of innovative approaches to education reform. This work focuses on professional development and systemic reform and is undertaken in collaboration with other community partners. The Center is currently working in the areas of literacy, early childhood, evaluation, mathematics, history, inclusion, counseling, and technology. The Center works with K -12 schools, community counselors, institutions of higher education, and corporate foundations.
Judy Fonzi, Margaret Warner Graduate School of Education and Human Development

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