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Community Service Activities 2003-2004


Alternatives for Battered Women

Students partner with the organization to provide education and awareness about domestic violence among the Rochester community, medical students, and faculty and staff at the medical center.
Students of Rochester Outreach, School of Medicine and Dentistry

Susan B. Anthony Center for Women's Leadership

Through the strengthening of bonds between campus and community organizations, the Anthony Center strives for a cohesive network of women-related groups and activities in the Rochester area.
Nora Bredes

Baby Love

Strong Memorial Hospital's Social Work Division directs this community-based outreach project aimed at pregnant women who are not receiving prenatal care or at risk for a poor prenatal outcome.
Carol Quester

Bethany House

Volunteers participate in activities in support of homeless women, including advocacy, counseling, and cooking.
Students of Rochester Outreach, School of Medicine and Dentistry

Breast Cancer Education Luncheon

The Highland Hospital Center for Women sponsors an annual Breast Cancer Education Luncheon. More than 1,500 attend the function that is focused on educating the community about the benefits of prevention and early detection in fighting breast cancer.
Highland Hospital

Community OB/GYN Program

Highland Hospital operates a Community OB/GYN Program to help meet the needs of the under-served. A team of doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, volunteers and social workers try to remove the barriers to health care. One of the program goals is to help increase the percentage of women in the community who are receiving prenatal care.
Laurie Ernest

Engineering Explorers Post

The University of Rochester School of Engineering and Applied Sciences in cooperation with the Exploring Division of the Otetiana Council, offers a six-week Engineering Explorers Post during the spring semester. The focus of this Explorers Post is to introduce a career in engineering to high school girls.
Web/contact: 275-4155
School of Engineering Dean's Office

Finger Lakes Regional Poison and Drug Information Center at the University of Rochester Medical Center

The Poison and Drug Information Center provides emergency management of accidental and intentional poison ingestions as well as drug and lactation information services to over 28,000 callers from the Finger Lakes region each year. The Center also provides poison prevention literature, resources, and facilitator training for child care providers, parents, grandparents, educators, community leaders, and health professionals who work with pre-school children. The Center, which serves a 12-county area, offers an Occupational and Environmental Toxicology Clinic available by primary care physician referral. TTY and translation services are available. Speakers for professional organizations or agencies are also available. The poison center has recently been awarded a grant to address special needs of some populations which allows for presentations specifically regarding deaf and migrant worker populations.
John Benitez, M.D., M.P.H., Managing Director/Assoc. Medical Director, Ruth A. Lawrence, M.D., Medical Director

Help for the Uninsured

The Highland Center for Women provides recycled prosthetics and wigs for uninsured cancer survivors.
Yvonne Thorne

HIV Vaccine Development

Upon request, the HIV Vaccine Trials Unit at the University of Rochester will provide educational pamphlets, brochures and presentations to high school faculty and staff about the local research and development efforts to find a preventative HIV vaccine. Presentations to faculty and staff, and to general assemblies attended by students and their families, can be arranged in advance by calling the Community Educator for the HVTU. Those interested in participating in this unit vaccine studies should contact the HVTU Research Nurses directly.
Web/contact: www.shaken/
275-0459 for presentation and 273-2437 for participation in vaccine studies
Patrick Fisher

National Women's Health Day

To educate women about various women's health issues, the School of Nursing sponsors programs on National Women's Health Day. The free day-long program educates participants about breast health, hormone replacement therapy, and other women's health issues.
School of Nursing

Planned Parenthood

Students from the Department of Psychology occasionally do internships at this community agency. Ob/Gyn residents have a family planning rotation at Planned Parenthood and Strong Midwives Care for prenatal patients.
Betsy Benedict, Ellen Croog

Pre-College Experience in Physics (P.R.E.P.) Program

The Department of Physics and Astronomy sponsors a four-week, nonresidential, summer science program for 24 local high school women to do hands-on investigations of physics principles and to learn more about careers for women in the sciences.
Web/contact: specialPREP.html
Priscilla Auchincloss, Connie Jones

Pregnancy Loss Support Service (PLSS)

Strong Beginnings Pregnancy Loss Support Service, operated by Strong Memorial Hospital's Obstetric Service, is a comprehensive program staffed by registered nurses with intensive training who assist families experiencing a pregnancy loss. Services include education/support with immediate needs and decision making, anticipatory grief counseling, grief education, and support following discharge.
Web/contact: 275-3160
Linda Closs Leoni

Reproductive Genetics

The Reproductive Genetics Group at the University of Rochester Medical Center is a regional referral center providing non-directive genetic counseling and genetic testing services to women and couples who have concerns about genetic or other risk factors related to family planning issues. Prenatal and preconceptional counseling is available for issues including advanced maternal age, family history of genetic disorders, birth defects or mental retardation, abnormal test results during pregnancy, exposure to teratogens during pregnancy, and history of pregnancy loss or infertility. Genetic screening and diagnostic testing is arranged if desired.
Jean Peterson, M.S., Eva K. Pressman, M.D.

Scholarship Programs

The Highland Center for Women offers scholarships for individuals who cannot afford to attend the Center's educational programs, and a scholarship program has also been established to enable a wider segment of the community to attend the annual Breast Cancer Education Luncheon.
The Highland Center for Women

Sojourner House and Monica Place

Study Buddy Tutoring Program: Students work one-on-one with children from 1st to 6th grade on homework and computer games. Also, women students identify and discuss women's health concerns, i.e., how their diets affect them, abortions, menopause, child care, and development.
Child Care Program: Children are divided into age appropriate groups to participate in activities.
Students of Rochester Outreach, School of Medicine and Dentistry


Nurse-midwives from Golisano Children's Hospital at Strong and medical students from Students of Rochester Outreach (School of Medicine and Dentistry) provide support for a prenatal program at this inner-city health care center for teenagers.
Ellen Croog

Women's Health Partnership

The Cancer Center and the Department of Radiology serve as a screening site to offer comprehensive breast screening services for uninsured and underinsured women living in Monroe County and Livingston County.
Jocelyn Scannell
The Women's Health Partnership provides mammogram and cervical exams for economically disadvantage women. Students will provide follow-up phone-calls and data analysis confirming mammogram services for a state project.
Students of Rochester Outreach, School of Medicine and Dentistry

Young Families

Young Families, a Strong Memorial Hospital social work program funded by Monroe County Department of Social Services, is a preventive program that targets high-risk adolescent parents whose children are at risk of foster care based on a variety of psychosocial risk factors. A home visitation model with a strong maternal child health component, Young Families provides comprehensive services during a critical period to enhance parenting skills, promote health and safety, and strengthen family cohesion. Most of the adolescents referred receive prenatal care at Rochester Adolescent Maternity Program (RAMP) and most of their young children receive pediatric care at Golisano Children's Hospital at Strong. This allows Young Families to closely monitor their health care, interface with various systems when necessary, and provide linkages across disciplines.
Web/contact: 275-1523
Maggie Petrosky

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