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Class Notes

FOOTBALL ALUMNI Dinner with the Coach
coachTEAM SPIRIT (first row): Erv Chambliss ’76, Jim Juraska ’73, Phil Chrys ’75, Dave Cidale ’71, Lou Spiotti Jr. (assistant coach, 1971–72), Stark, Tony Cipolla ’78, Bill Hammond ’73, Jim Mazur ’78, Andy Fornarola ’78, Mike Garritano ’76, Mark McAnaney ’75, Brian Haegney ’78, Frank Perillo ’73; (second row): Jim Dunnigan ’73, Jim Jimenez ’75, Paul Macielak ’72, Rick Magere ’72, Dick Rasmussen ’72, Rick Basehore ’72, Mike Flanigan ’71, Greg Conrad ’72, Dave McNelis ’74, Dave Smith ’74, John Badowski ’77, Steve Sloan ’78, Denny Hennigan ’75, Quentin Call ’76; (third row): Joe Hymes ’75, Joe Novek ’73, Roger Watts ’72, Paul Caputo ’73, Ed Heffernan ’76, Kevin Maier ’78, Len Champion ’73, Don Barber ’78; (not pictured): Sam Guerrieri ’81. (Photo: Ria Tafani for Rochester Review)

A record number of former Yellowjacket football players took part in this spring’s annual “Dinner with the Coach” to honor Pat Stark, who coached the team from 1969 to 1983, and to renew their ties as classmates, teammates, and friends. Nearly 40 football alumni gathered at an East Rochester restaurant in April, coming from as far away as Los Angeles for the get-together.

A member of Rochester’s Athletics Hall of Fame, Stark led the Yellowjackets to 60 victories, including a 12-game winning streak that still stands as a program record for consecutive wins.