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Message to the University Community from Joel Seligman

9 a.m., January 15, 2011

I am writing to express my great sadness over the death of one of our undergraduates early this morning. His parents have been notified, but we have been asked by investigators to withhold disclosure of his name until official confirmation of his identity is completed.

Although we are still gathering information, what we know now is that police responded shortly after 1 a.m. to a reported fight at the Delta Upsilon fraternity. Paramedics administered emergency aid and took our student to Strong Memorial Hospital, but their efforts were unsuccessful.

University Security Services are cooperating with Rochester Police in their investigation. The Rochester Police are currently interviewing witnesses and will have further information later. Based on the information available to us at this time, this appears to be an isolated incident and there is no indication of any threat to others on the University campus.

Any unexpected death in our community is a shock and a profound loss. Our hearts go out to the family and friends of our student.

Campus counselors are already talking to students, and I encourage any student to take advantage of our counseling services by calling 275-3113.

At times like this, it is important to remember that as a community we are dedicated to each other’s well-being and we are stronger together when we support one another, especially in difficult times.

When there are further updates from the police and security, they will be posted on the University’s homepage at