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Photo Gallery 2010–11

William C. Dudley
October 26

President Seligman

President Seligman introduces William C. Dudley, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, who discussed some of the economic challenges facing the nation and the upstate New York region.

Wilson Day
August 30

President Seligman

Over 1,000 University of Rochester freshmen gather at the Alexander Palestra for a kickoff breakfast and speeches at the start of Wilson Day, during which students volunteer at various organizations throughout the city.

August 26

President Seligman

President Seligman speaks at the annual College Convocation ceremony, marking the start of the academic year.

Urban Fellows
July 7

President Seligman with Urban Fellows

President Seligman joins the Rochester Urban Fellows on a community tour of Flower City Habitat for Humanity in Josanna Neighborhood.