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Office of the Provost

University Standing Committee for Promotions

The University Standing Committee for Promotions is appointed by the provost in consultation with the president from a list of names submitted by the school deans based upon recommendations of department chairs. Fifteen tenured faculty serve on three subcommittees: Arts & Humanities; Physical & Biological Sciences; Social Sciences. The committees receive the materials submitted by candidates for promotion--detailed description of their research, teaching, and service activities, and letters of evaluation—which have been forwarded to the provost with the support of their dean. Based on its review, the promotion committee makes recommendations to the president and provost, who review the recommendation and subsequently make their own recommendation (when positive) to the Board of Trustees, whose decision is final.

Rob ClarkConvener, Provost and Sr. VP for Research
Arts & Humanities
Jennifer CreechAssociate Professor, Department of Modern Languages & Cultures
William FitzpatrickAssociate Professor, Department of Philosophy
John GivensAssociate Professor, Department of Modern Languages & Cultures
Rachel HaiduAssociate Professor, Department of Art and Art History
Timothy ScheieAssociate Professor, Department of Humanities
Physical and Biological Sciences
Alison FrontierProfessor, Department of Chemistry
John KesslerAssociate Professor, Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences
Andrew JordanAssociate Professor, Department of Physics & Astronomy
Andrei SeluanovProfessor, Department of Biology
Gaurav SharmaProfessor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Social Sciences
Douglas GuiffridaAssociate Professor, Counseling & Human Development
Daniel Reichman
Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology
Joan RubinProfessor, Department of History
Melissa Sturge-AppleAssociate Professor, Department of Clinical and Social Sciences in Psychology
Jerold WarnerProfessor, Business Administration

This page last updated October 12, 2017.