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Office of the Provost

Provost's Staff

Clark, Robert
214 Wallis Hall(585) 275-5931
Green, Anthony
Deputy to the Provost
212 Wallis Hall(585) 273-4615
Barth, Libby
202 Wallis Hall(585) 273-2569
Coelho, Adele
Faculty Outreach Coordinator
256 Wallis Hall(585) 273-2571
Wilson, Marisa
Faculty Affairs Administrator
211 Wallis Hall(585) 275-2566
Smith, Melinda
Executive Assistant to the Provost
213 Wallis Hall(585) 275-5931
Tanski, Barbara
200 Wallis Hall(585) 276-4074

Academic Administration, Office of
Souza, Jane Marie
Assistant Provost for Academic Administration
203 Wallis Hall(585) 273-2821

Faculty Development and Diversity, Office of
Lewis, Vivian
Deputy to the President and Vice Provost for Faculty Development and Diversity
137 Wallis Hall(585) 273-2760
Cousin, Maggie
Assistant Provost for Faculty Development and Diversity & Special Projects Researcher
136 Wallis Hall(585) 275-0792
Anderson, Ashley Nicole
Director of Diversity Programming
148 Wallis Hall(585) 273-4297
Federation, Christine
Administrative Assistant to Deputy to the President
149 Wallis Hall(585) 273-5664

Global Engagement, Office for
Gatewood, Jane
Associate Provost for Global Engagement
276 Wallis Hall(585) 273-1665
Bennett, Megan
Program Coordinator
255 Wallis Hall(585) 273-1665
Levenkron, Ruth
Manager for International Programs & Operations
258 Wallis Hall(585) 273-2190
Bopp-Smith, Michelle
Assistant to Associate Provost
275 Wallis Hall(585) 273-1820
Ryon, Alan
Manager for International Travel and Security
21 Taylor Hall(585) 275-8699

Graduate Studies, Office of
Kearney, Margaret
Vice Provost & Dean of Graduate Studies
260 Wallis Hall(585) 275-3540
Randle, Deborah
Manager, University Graduate Studies
259 Wallis Hall(585) 275-9093

Institutional Research, Office of
Falciano, Vincenzo
University Director for Institutional Research/Assistant Provost
205A Wallis Hall(585) 275-2806
Balonek, Kristen
Senior Information Analyst
33B Wallis Hall(585) 275-8063
Warren, Zachary 
Senior Information Analyst
257 Wallis Hall(585) 276-5647

University Intercessor
Van Slyke, Lynnett
University Intercessor & Disability Compliance Director
36 Wallis Hall(585) 275-9125
Jefferson, Frederick C.
University Intercessor
200 Wallis Hall(585) 273-5664

Other Reporting Offices

Information Technology
Lewis, David
Vice President and CIO for the University
44 Celebration Dr., Suite 3.100(585) 275-5240
Weems, Kim
Administrative Assistant
44 Celebration Dr., Suite 3.111(585) 275-5240

River Campus Libraries
Mavrinac, Mary Ann
Vice Provost & Andrew H. and Janet Dayton Neilly Dean of the River Campus Libraries
Rush Rhees Library(585) 275-4461
Thornton, Sarah
Assistant to the Dean
Rush Rhees Library(585) 275-9324

University Health Service
Manchester, Ralph
Vice Provost and Director
738 Library Rd.(585) 275-2662
Livingston, Michelle
Executive Assistant
738 Library Rd., Room 209(585) 275-7177

Office of Online Learning
Fredericksen, Eric
Associate Vice President for Online Learning & Associate Professor in Educational Leadership
314 LeChase Hall(585) 273-1714
University of Rochester Press
Kane, Sonia
Editorial Director
668 Mt. Hope Ave.(585) 273-5778