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Building Inclusive Research Environments

April 11, 2014         Genrich-Rusling Room        12:30-4:30

Productive inquiry best takes place when individuals can explore and share their experience and thoughts as equal members of our community, uninhibited by prejudice or discrimination. This workshop demonstrates how understanding the challenges and benefits of building inclusive research environments can improve climate and satisfaction, increase the exchange of ideas and innovation, improve problem solving and expand collaboration.

Brown Bag Lunch 12:30 - 1:00

Plenary 1:00 - 3:15

"Building Inclusive Research Environments: An Interactive Workshop"
Beth Olivares, Associate Dean for Diversity Initiatives, AS&E

Co-Presenters from the Kearns Center:
Anthony Plonczysnki, Associate Director
Dani Alcena, Graduate Retention Specialist
Douglas Flowe, Graduate Recruitment Specialist
Melissa Raucci, Academic Advisor
Stephon Hamell, Academic Advisor

Closing Remarks 3:15






Future Faculty Workshop 2013-2014

For additional information or registration, contact Jenni Oliver, Faculty Programs Manager at 275-5932 or