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“To consider the state of the University and to make recommendations for its academic development…To inquire into any matter of an educational or administrative nature that has implications for the academic function and welfare of the University…To be a channel of communication between and among the various faculties of the University and between the collective faculties and the President and the Provost of the University.”
                        from the University of Rochester Faculty Senate Charter


Faculty Senate Site

The University of Rochester Faculty Senate is a 45-member body elected from the faculty by the faculty, with representatives from each of the University’s six schools, together with the President, the Provost, and the Dean of Graduate Studies in ex officio roles. Senators serve 3-year terms and are limited to two in succession. Meeting nine times during the academic year, the Senate provides a forum for discussion of all matters related to the University’s academic and administrative affairs, such as faculty recruitment and retention, strategic planning in the various schools, investments and the endowment, College admissions, online course evaluations, and sustainability.  The Senate also advocates for the interests of faculty in such areas as benefits, tenure and promotion, budgeting, research policy, and the periodic review of school deans, the President, and the Provost.


Chair of the Senate

Nicholas Bigelow (Co-Chair)
Joyce McDonough (Co-Chair)

Executive Committee
Nicholas Bigelow
Joyce McDonough
Michael Scott
Bilal Ahmed
Loisa Bennetto
Carmala Garzione
Harry Groenevelt
Irena Pesis-Katz

Academic Affairs
To be Announced

Tenure and Privilege

David Bushinsky
Susan Gustafson
David Hursh
James Johnson
Phil Lederer
Joyce McDonough

Sally Norton
Tatiana Pasternak
Timothy Scheie


Nicholas Bigelow
Joyce McDonough

Faculty Benefits

Eldred Chimowitz
Frank Wolfs
Jean Bidlack
David Bushinsky
Robert Wason
Lynda Watts Powell

Faculty Budget

David Bushinsky
Nicholas Bigelow
Brian Brent
Diane Dalecki
John Marcellus
Douglas Ravenel
Karen Stein
Jerold Zimmerman

Research Policy

Mark Bocko
Steven Feldon
Wayne Knox
Amy Lerner
Michael O'Reilly

Douglas Turner
Gunta Liders
Robert McCrory
Ronald Paprocki
Doug Wylie

Senate Members 2012-2014