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Office of the Provost

Honorary Degree Recipients 1850-1859

1859AUSTIN, John A.Master of Arts
1859AYER, Nathan WheelerMaster of Arts
1859BACKUS, Jay S.Doctor of Divinity
1859COREY, Daniel G.Doctor of Divinity
1859FAY, Henry HarrisonMaster of Arts
1859GAMMEL, WilliamDoctor of Laws
1859WESTON, Henry G.Doctor of Divinity
1858BRADLEY, J.D.Bachelor of Arts
1858BURROUGHS, John C.Doctor of Divinity
1858DRAKE, J.A.Bachelor of Arts
1858FISH, Henry C.Doctor of Divinity
1858LOOMIS, Justin R.Doctor of Laws
1857BIGELOW, J.F.Master of Arts
1857CROWELL, WilliamDoctor of Divinity
1857EVANS, BenjaminDoctor of Divinity
1857GILLETT, Erastus JuddDoctor of Divinity
1857KING, John A.Doctor of Laws
1857NICHOLS, Henry L.Master of Arts
1856MANN, Alexander M.Doctor of Divinity
1856SELDEN, Samuel L.Doctor of Laws
1856SEYMOUR, E.C.Master of Arts
1856TROWBRIDGE, William P.Master of Arts
1856WARREN, Jonah G.Doctor of Divinity
1855ARMSBY, James H.Master of Arts
1855CHAMPLIN, James T.Doctor of Divinity
1855DAVIDSON, Thomas L.Master of Arts
1855McCOY, AmassaMaster of Arts
1855RAYMOND, John H.Doctor of Laws
1855TAYLOR, E.E.L.Doctor of Divinity
1854DEAN, Henry W.Master of Arts
1854HEWSON, WilliamMaster of Arts
1854HODGE, M.G.Master of Arts
1854HOWARD, W.G.Doctor of Divinity
1854LATHROP, EdwardDoctor of Divinity
1854McILWAINE, J.H.Doctor of Divinity
1854MOREHOUSE, OliverMaster of Arts
1854MURDOCK, J.N.Doctor of Divinity
1854SMITH, Justin A.Doctor of Arts
1853BOYD, RobertMaster of Arts
1853BURTON, C.V.W.Master of Arts
1853CHAMBERLAIN, J.Master of Arts
1853CHANDLER, C.N.Master of Arts
1853CLEGHORN, AdamsMaster of Arts
1853DEXTER, James E.Master of Arts
1853HILL, John M.Doctor of Divinity
1853MAGOON, E.L.Doctor of Divinity
1853MASON, J.O.Master of Arts
1853PARMELEE, D.S.Master of Arts
1852BRIGHT, EdwardDoctor of Divinity
1852COREY, Sidney A.Master of Arts
1852CURTISS, George WilliamMaster of Arts
1852FISH, Henry C.Master of Arts
1852KELLY, RobertDoctor of Laws
1852PRUYN, John V.L.Doctor of Laws
1852QUINBY, I.F.Master of Arts
1852REESE, Morgan J.Doctor of Divinity
1852SHAW, James B.Doctor of Divinity
1852TALBIRD, Henry J.Master of Arts
1852WOOD, GeorgeMaster of Arts
1851BACKUS, J.S.Master of Arts
1851DEAN, WilliamsDoctor of Divinity
1851GARDNER, AddisonDoctor of Laws
1851HAUGHNAUT, P.B.Master of Arts
1851HUNT, WashingtonDoctor of Laws
1851LEE, Henry W.Doctor of Divinity
1851PECK, HenryMaster of Arts