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Office of the Provost

Honorary Degree Recipients 1860-1869

1869ELY, William W.Doctor of Laws
1869KENDRICK, Henry L.Doctor of Laws
1868CHURCH, Sanford E.Doctor of Laws
1868CRANE, Cephas B.Doctor of Divinity
1868McLEAN, Charles D.Master of Arts
1868MOSS, LemuelDoctor of Divinity
1868ROBINS, Henry E.Doctor of Divinity
1868SMITH, E. DarwinDoctor of Laws
1867SPENCER, Ray ThomasMaster of Arts
1866ANDERSON, GalushaDoctor of Divinity
1866ESTY, Alexander R.Master of Arts
1866KENDRICK, J. RylandDoctor of Divinity
1866NORTH_UP, George W.Doctor of Divinity
1866RIDER, Charles E.Master of Arts
1865CHOWN, J.P.Doctor of Divinity
1865LINCOLN, HemanDoctor of Divinity
1865MOORE, Daniel Jr.Doctor of Divinity
1865ROOT, OrrinDoctor of Laws
1865SATTERLEE, LeRoyMaster of Arts
1864CONGER, Horace M.Master of Arts
1864EVANS, Asher BentonMaster of Arts
1864FOOTE, IsraelDoctor of Divinity
1864GRAY, Edgar HarknessDoctor of Divinity
1864HARRIS, William H.Master of Arts
1864SHELDON, RufusMaster of Arts
1864WESTCOTT, IsaacDoctor of Divinity
1863DAVIDSON, Thomas L.Doctor of Divinity
1863HAYDON, F.W.Master of Arts
1863NEWMAN, John P.Doctor of Divinity
1863OLMSTEAD, J.M.Doctor of Divinity
1863PEABODY, Andrew P.Doctor of Laws
1863RAUSENBAUSH, A.Doctor of Divinity
1863UNDERHILL, Edward B.Doctor of Laws
1862BRIGGS, HoraceMaster of Arts
1862VAN BENSCHOTEN, SanfordMaster of Arts
1861JEWETT, Milo P.Doctor of Laws
1861SILL, John W.Master of Arts
1861WELLES, HenryDoctor of Laws
1860ALLIS, M.H.Master of Arts
1860ARNOLD, Albert N.Doctor of Divinity
1860MANNING, M. ClaudiusMaster of Arts
1860MASON, J.O.Doctor of Divinity
1860WRIGHT, E.S.Doctor of Divinity