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Office of the Provost

Honorary Degree Recipients 1870-1879

1879BAILEY, Joseph MeadDoctor of Laws
1879MILNE, William JamesDoctor of Philosophy
1879MORSEHOUSE, Henry L.Doctor of Divinity
1879OVERHISER, John C.Doctor of Philosophy
1879PALMER, Francis BollesDoctor of Philosophy
1879SWIFT, LewisDoctor of Philosophy
1879WAYLAND, FrancisDoctor of Laws
1878HAYDEN, Francis V.Doctor of Laws
1878JOHNSON, Elias H.Doctor of Divinity
1878MORGAN, John RhysDoctor of Divinity
1877CLARK, J.W.B.Doctor of Divinity
1877HOYT, WaylandDoctor of Divinity
1876KING, RufusDoctor of Laws
1876KREYER, Karl T.Doctor of Philosophy
1876MORRIS, Herbert W.Doctor of Divinity
1875ANSTICE, HenryDoctor of Divinity
1875BROOKS, Alexander AtwoodDoctor of Philosophy
1875BROWN, T. EdwinDoctor of Divinity
1875TEALL, Francis AugustusMaster of Arts
1875VAN BENSCHOTEN, James C.Doctor of Laws
1874GRAY, DavidMaster of Arts
1874HARKNESS, WilliamDoctor of Laws
1873STEVENS, JohnDoctor of Divinity
1873WESTON, DavidDoctor of Divinity
1873WILDKINSON, Willam C.Doctor of Divinity
1872BRACKETT, John BillingsDoctor of Divinity
1872CLARK, George W.Doctor of Divinity
1872CUMMINGS, Marcus F.Master of Arts
1872SAGE, A. JudsonDoctor of Divinity
1871CARPENTER, Stephen H.Doctor of Laws
1871DURANT, HenryDoctor of Laws
1871MARSHAL, Benjamin D.Doctor of Divinity
1870BENEDICT, Nehemiah H.Doctor of Divinity
1870DEAN, John H.Master of Arts
1870FULTON, Jastin D.Doctor of Divinity
1870KEYS, J.J.Master of Arts
1870McVICKER, MalcomDoctor of Laws
1870MOORE, E. MottDoctor of Laws
1870RISING, FrancisMaster of Arts