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Office of the Provost

Honorary Degree Recipients 1880-1889

1888COIT, AlbertDoctor of Divinity
1888JOHNSON, RossiterDoctor of Philosophy
1888KELSEY, Francis W.Doctor of Philosophy
1888TRUE, Benjamin O.Doctor of Divinity
1888WEBSTER, Harrison E.Doctor of Laws
1887FORBES, John FranklinDoctor of Philosophy
1887FOX, NormanDoctor of Divinity
1887GOUBLEMAN, Jacob SamuelDoctor of Divinity
1887HULL, Robert BruceDoctor of Divinity
1887MACOMBER, Francis A.Doctor of Laws
1887ROBINSON, David HamiltonDoctor of Philosophy
1886NORDELL, PhilipDoctor of Divinity
1886STERRETT, James McBrideDoctor of Divinity
1886TAYLOR, James M.Doctor of Divinity
1884ANDERSON, GalushaDoctor of Laws
1884BARRETT, A.J.Doctor of Divinity
1883BACKUS, Truman J.Doctor of Laws
1883CASSETY, James M.Doctor of Philosophy
1883MOSS, LemuelDoctor of Laws
1883NEWTON, IsaacDoctor of Philosophy
1882HICKOK, Henry F.Doctor of Divinity
1882STEVENS, William A.Doctor of Laws
1881CAMPBELL, R.G.Doctor of Divinity
1881ROGERS, ThomasDoctor of Divinity
1880FISON, LorimerMaster of Arts
1880HOWELL, E.E.Master of Arts
1880SHERMAN, I.Doctor of Laws
1880TRES_TRAIL, FredericDoctor of Divinity