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Office of the Provost

Honorary Degree Recipients 1890-1899

1898BUTRICK, Wallace H.Doctor of Divinity
1898GILBERT, Grove KarlDoctor of Laws
1898HANKS, Horace TracyDoctor of Laws
1897PERKINS, James BreckDoctor of Laws
1897ROWLEY, Frank H.Doctor of Divinity
1897VEDDER, Henry C.Doctor of Divinity
1896ELLWANGER, George H.Master of Arts
1896GIFFORD, C.P.Doctor of Divinity
1896GOODSPEAD, Edgar J.Doctor of Divinity
1896SMITH, George WilliamDoctor of Laws
1896SUTHERLAND, Ward T.Doctor of Divinity
1896WARD, Henry A.Doctor of Laws
1895HOYT, ColgateMaster of Arts
1895JAMES, OwenDoctor of Divinity
1895ROCKEFELLER, John A.Master of Arts
1895TOWNSEND, John P.Doctor of Laws
1895WESTERVELT, Zenas F.Doctor of Laws
1894BRADLEY, George B.Doctor of Laws
1894JONES, Philip L.Doctor of Divinity
1893COLGROVE, Fredrick WeltonDoctor of Divinity
1893GARDNER, Corliss B.Doctor of Divinity
1893JOHNSON, RossiterDoctor of Laws
1893STEWART, Joseph A.Doctor of Divinity
1892COIT, Charles PierpontDoctor of Divinity
1892GREENE, Samuel H.Doctor of Divinity
1892NORRIS, J. CarterMaster of Arts
1892SLOCUM, Arthur GaylordDoctor of Laws
1891SANDERS, Henry M.Doctor of Divinity
1891SMITH, Charles E.Doctor of Divinity
1891SMITH, StephenDoctor of Laws
1891TAYLOR, William R.Doctor of Divinity