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Office of the Provost

Honorary Degree Recipients 1910-1919

1919DENLIGH, John HallidayDoctor of Laws
1919McCALL, Samuel WalkerDoctor of Laws
1919STRONG, Charles AugustusDoctor of Laws
1918BIGGS, Hermann MichaelDoctor of Laws
1918CLARKE, HenryDoctor of Divinity
1918COATS, Adelbert S.Doctor of Divinity
1918THANBYAH, TheodoreDoctor of Divinity
1917FOOTE, NathanielDoctor of Laws
1917HARMSWORTH, CharlesDoctor of Laws
1917MARTIN, Edward SanfordDoctor of Literature
1917MITCHELL, John PurroyDoctor of Laws
1917RIDDELL, William RenwickDoctor of Laws
1917TARDIEU, AndreDoctor of Laws
1917TENNY, Charles BuckleyDoctor of Divinity
1916ANDERSON, John B.Doctor of Divinity
1916GREENWOOD, John WilliamDoctor of Divinity
1916KENNAN, GeorgeDoctor of Literature
1916SWETLAND, Roger M.Doctor of Laws
1916WILEY, LouisMaster of Arts
1915GILMORE, David ChandlerDoctor of Divinity
1915SEARING, Richard AddisonMaster of Arts
1915STRAYER, Paul MooreDoctor of Divinity
1914HEINRICHS, JacobDoctor of Divinity
1914LUDLAM, George P.Master of Arts
1914POWELL, Lyman PiersonDoctor of Laws
1914STRONG, John HenryDoctor of Divinity
1913ADAMS, John QuincyDoctor of Divinity
1913BRONK, MitchellDoctor of Divinity
1913BROOKINS, Homer DeWiltonMaster of Arts
1913CARMAN, Augustine SpencerDoctor of Divinity
1913GOODSPEAD, Thomas WakefieldDoctor of Laws
1913WILCOX, William CraigDoctor of Laws
1912AKELEY, Louis EllsworthDoctor of Laws
1912BOWEN, Benjamin LesterDoctor of Literature
1912DOX, RutgerDoctor of Divinity
1912PATTISON, HaroldDoctor of Divinity
1912PLIMPTON, George ArthurDoctor of Laws
1912STRONG, Augustus HopkinsDoctor of Literature
1911EMERSON, Henry PendexterDoctor of Laws
1911FENNER, Burt LeslieMaster of Arts
1911MANCHESTER, HerbertDoctor of Divinity
1911McGUIRE, JohnDoctor of Divinity
1911MILNE, William JamesDoctor of Laws
1911NOLAN, ThomasMaster of Arts
1911SCOTT, William AmasaDoctor of Laws
1910EATON, Elon HowardMaster of Science
1910KELSEY, Francis WilleyDoctor of Laws
1910MUNDY, Ezekiel WilsonDoctor of Literature
1910MUNRO, Annette GardnerMaster of Arts
1910ROBERTS, William HenryDoctor of Divinity
1910WELLES, Francis RaymondDoctor of Laws