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Office of the Provost

Honorary Degree Recipients 1920-1929

1929HAWKES, Herbert EdwinDoctor of Laws
1929LAMONT, Thomas WilliamDoctor of Laws
1929MOEHLMAN, Conrad HenryDoctor of Divinity
1929MOORE, Earl VincentDoctor of Music
1929WEED, Lewis HillDoctor of Science
1928COOKE, Walter PlattDoctor of Laws
1928FALCONER, Robert AlexanderDoctor of Laws
1928LANEY, Calvin CookeMaster of Arts
1928MacQUEEN, Donald BruceDoctor of Divinity
1928PUPIN, Michael IdvorskyDoctor of Laws
1927BRIDGES, Horace JamesDoctor of Literature
1927FISHER, Edwin AugustusMaster of Arts
1927HOOKER, Elon HowardDoctor of Science
1927HOWE, Harrison EstellDoctor of Science
1926HAVENS, Raymond DexterDoctor of Literature
1926KIMBALL, Dexter SimpsonDoctor of Laws
1926MATHEWS, ShailerDoctor of Laws
1925BROWN, Roscoe Conklin EnsignDoctor of Literature
1925FOSDICK, Harry EmersonDoctor of Laws
1925GOLER, George W.Doctor of Science
1925HERDLE, Gertrude RosalindMaster of Arts
1925SWASEY, AmbroseDoctor of Laws
1924COMSTOCK, Ada LouiseDoctor of Laws
1924DEWEY, Charles AyraultDoctor of Letters
1924HUGHES, Edwin HoltDoctor of Laws
1924STEPHENS, John Boak MillsDoctor of Laws
1923DeMARCHIENNES, Emile deDoctor of Laws
1923GRAVES, Frank PierrepontDoctor of Literature
1923MYERS, JohnstonDoctor of Divinity
1923WHITE, DavidDoctor of Science
1922BRENT, Charles HenryDoctor of Laws
1922OTTO, BenjaminDoctor of Divinity
1922PARKER, Arthur CaswellMaster of Science
1922PEPPER, George WhartonDoctor of Laws
1921BARSTOW, Henry HaydenDoctor of Divinity
1921CHERRY, Cummings WaldoDoctor of Divinity
1921FOSDICK, Frank SheldonDoctor of Laws
1921HUNTINGTON, George BriggsDoctor of Divinity
1921MEES, Charles Edward KennethDoctor of Science
1921ROLAND-RICCI, VittorioDoctor of Laws
1921WADSWORTH, EliotDoctor of Laws
1920BEAVEN, Albert WilliamDoctor of Divinity
1920BURKHART, Harvey JaconDoctor of Laws
1920HOOKER, Albert HuntingtonMaster of Science
1920MORROW, Dwight WhitneyDoctor of Laws