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Office of the Provost

Honorary Degree Recipients 1930-1939

1939BUCK, Peter HenryDoctor of Science
1939LELAND, Waldo GiffordDoctor of Humane Letters
1939LINDBERGH, Anne MorrowDoctor of Letters
1939SHAFFER, Philip AndersonDoctor of Science
1939TAYLOR, DeemsDoctor of Music
1938BECKER, Carl LotusDoctor of Letters
1938FORD, Guy StantonDoctor of Humane Letters
1938GANS, RudolphDoctor of Music
1938HAMILTON, AliceDoctor of Science
1938RIVERS, Thomas MiltonDoctor of Science
1938VanSCHAICK, George S.Doctor of Laws
1937ADAM, Robert Borthwick IIDoctor of Letters
1937HOFFMAN, MalvinaDoctor of Fine Arts
1937TAFT, Charles Phelps IIDoctor of Laws
1937TINKER, Chauncey BrewsterDoctor of Letters
1936LIPPMAN, WalterDoctor of Laws
1936MALONE, DamasDoctor of Letters
1936PARK, Edwards AlbertDoctor of Science
1936STRUNK, OliverDoctor of Letters
1935BROWN, Kenneth IrvingDoctor of Laws
1935FOX, Dixon RyanDoctor of Laws
1935LEWIS, William MatherDoctor of Laws
1934BELMONT, Eleanor RobsonDoctor of Humane Letters
1934CROSS, Wilber LuciusDoctor of Laws
1934MILLIKAN, Robert AndrewsDoctor of Science
1934SOWERBY, LeoDoctor of Music
1933JONES, Lloyd AncileDoctor of Science
1933PLATT, Charles AdamsDoctor of Laws
1933RAYTON, Wilbur BrambleyDoctor of Science
1933SEABURY, SamuelDoctor of Laws
1933THOMPSON, RandallDoctor of Music
1932BENNETT, Richard B.Doctor of Laws
1932CASTLE, William R. Jr.Doctor of Laws
1932EWING, JamesDoctor of Science
1932MASON, Daniel GregoryDoctor of Music
1932ROBINS, Henry BurkeDoctor of Divinity
1932STEWART, Harold StanleyDoctor of Divinity
1932TREVOR, John BondDoctor of Laws
1932WHITNEY, Willis RodneyDoctor of Science
1932WILCOX, Albert HenryDoctor of Humane Letters
1932WILLARD, DanielDoctor of Laws
1932WOODWARD, Roland BeavenDoctor of Laws
1931BAUSCH, EdwardDoctor of Laws
1931CUSHING, HarveyDoctor of Science
1931FINLEY, John HustonDoctor of Laws
1931FOREMAN, Edward ReubenMaster of Arts
1931GREENE, Evarts BoutellDoctor of Laws
1931RIPLEY, William ZebinaDoctor of Laws
1930AYRES, Leonard PorterDoctor of Laws
1930CABOT, Richard ClarkeDoctor of Laws
1930DANFORTH, EdwinaMaster of Arts
1930HOUGHTON, Alanson BigelowDoctor of Laws
1930JACKS, Lawrence PearsallDoctor of Laws
1930MUNRO, Annette GardnerDoctor of Literature
1930SPEICHER, JacobDoctor of Divinity
1930WILBUR, LymanDoctor of Laws