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Office of the Provost

Honorary Degree Recipients 1950-1959

1959BERNSTEIN, Philip SidneyDoctor of Divinity
1959COWLES, JohnDoctor of Laws
1959HILL, ArchibaldDoctor of Science
1959HURTADO, AlbertoDoctor of Science
1959MADDY, Joseph EdgarDoctor of Music
1958FAXON, Nathaniel WalesDoctor of Science
1958HOVHANESS, AlanDoctor of Music
1958HUTCHINS, Robert MaynardDoctor of Laws
1958VAN VOORHIS, JohnDoctor of Laws
1957ALLEN, Willard M.Doctor of Science
1957ANDERSON, MarianDoctor of Humane Letters
1957DEWEY, Thomas E.Doctor of Laws
1956MacKENZIE, Norman A.M.Doctor of Laws
1956MacMILLIAN, ErnestDoctor of Music
1956PERKINS, DexterDoctor of Laws
1956SINCLAIR, AdelaideDoctor of Humane Letters
1956WARREN, Stafford L.Doctor of Science
1955BERRY, George PackerDoctor of Science
1955CORI, Getty TheresaDoctor of Science
1955NEVINS, AllanDoctor of Laws
1955SPIVACKE, HaroldDoctor of Music
1954ELWELL, HerbertDoctor of Music
1954JAMES, Frank CyrilDoctor of Laws
1954KEATING, Kenneth B.Doctor of Laws
1954MEYER, Agnes ErnstDoctor of Humane Letters
1954WEISKOTTEN, Herman GatesDoctor of Science
1953CLARKE, Hans ThacherDoctor of Science
1953DuBRIDGE, Lee AlvinDoctor of Laws
1953GANNETT, Caroline WernerDoctor of Laws
1953HILLEBOE, Herman ErtresvaagDoctor of Science
1953HUMPHREY, George MagoffinDoctor of Laws
1952DOUGLAS, Paul HowardDoctor of Laws
1952FERMI, EnricoDoctor of Science
1952GALLIE, W. EdwardDoctor of Science
1952HARRISON, Guy FraserDoctor of Music
1952HOUGHTON, Arthur AmoryDoctor of Laws
1952WHITTON, CharlotteDoctor of Laws
1952WILSON, Lewis AlbertDoctor of Laws
1951BLALOCK, AlfredDoctor of Science
1951ELLINGSON, MarkDoctor of Laws
1951MOORE, Marianne CraigDoctor of Letters
1951SAUNDERS, Wilbour EddyDoctor of Humane Letters
1951SHERRILL, Henry KnoxDoctor of Divinity
1951WARING, FredDoctor of Music
1950BUNCHE, Ralph JohnsonDoctor of Laws
1950FINLETTER, Thomas KnightDoctor of Laws
1950ROMULO, Carlos PenaDoctor of Laws
1950SMITH, Walter BedellDoctor of Laws
1950WHIPPLE, George HoytDoctor of Laws