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Office of the Provost

Honorary Degree Recipients 1970 - 1979

1979BIBBY, Basil GloverDoctor of Science
1979COOPER, TheodoreDoctor of Science
1979GILBERT, WalterDoctor of Science
1979KRAUSE, Richard M.Doctor of Science
1979LAVERY, Charles JosephDoctor of Laws
1979McKUSICK, Victor AlmonDoctor of Science
1979RACKER, EfraimDoctor of Science
1979WEINBERG, StephenDoctor of Science
1978ABRAMS, Meyer HowardDoctor of Humane Letters
1978BERG, Paul Ph.D.Doctor of Science
1978FORTE, AllenDoctor of Music
1978WHEDON, G. DonaldDoctor of Science
1977BERELSON, BernardDoctor of Science
1977COCHRANE, Archibald L.Doctor of Science
1977GAJDUSEK, Daniel CarletonDoctor of Science
1977GODOWSKY, LeopoldDoctor of Science
1977HENDERSON, Donald AinslieDoctor of Science
1977KRISTELLER, Paul OskarDoctor of Humane Letters
1976BLEULER, Manfred EugenDoctor of Science
1976COPLAND, AaronDoctor of Music
1976GUILLEMIN, RogerDoctor of Science
1976INGELFINGER, Franz J.Doctor of Science
1976SAMUELSON, Paul AnthonyDoctor of Science
1976STROMGREN, ErikDoctor of Science
1976WILBUR, Richard PurdyDoctor of Humane Letters
1976ZUBIN, Joseph L.Doctor of Science
1975BOX, George Edward PelhamDoctor of Science
1975BOYER, Ernest LeroyDoctor of Laws
1975BROWN, HaroldDoctor of Science
1975CORSON, Dale RaymondDoctor of Science
1975GATES, Thomas Sovereign Jr.Doctor of Laws
1975LYMAN, Richard WallDoctor of Humane Letters
1975NAUTA, Walle J.H.Doctor of Science
1975VOLKER, Joseph F.Doctor of Science
1974CANADAY, John E.Doctor of Humane Letters
1974GIBSON, Edward GeorgeDoctor of Science
1974LIEBERSON, GoddardDoctor of Humane Letters
1974MEIR, GoldaDoctor of Laws
1974NEEL, James V.Doctor of Science
1974STIGLER, George J.Doctor of Science
1974THOMAS, LewisDoctor of Science
1974WEISSKOPH, VictorDoctor of Science
1973CONE, Edward T.Doctor of Music
1973GILLET, FernandDoctor of Music
1973KIRKPATRICK, RalphDoctor of Music
1973MORISON, Robert S.Doctor of Science
1973ROSTEN, Leo C.Doctor of Humane Letters
1973SHULTZ, GeorgeDoctor of Science
1973WEINBERG, Alvin M.Doctor of Science
1973WILDER, AlecDoctor of Humane Letters
1972BURKE, KennethDoctor of Humane Letters
1972HARLESTON, BernardDoctor of Science
1972HENDERSON, VirginiaDoctor of Science
1972NICHOLS, MikeDoctor of Humane Letters
1972PENDERECKI, KrsysztofDoctor of Music
1972SCHUMAN, WilliamDoctor of Music
1972SERKIN, RudolphDoctor of Music
1972SMITH, Dorothy M.Doctor of Science
1972STERN, IsaacDoctor of Music
1972SUZUKI, ShinichiDoctor of Music
1972WATSON, James SibleyDoctor of Science
1972ZAFFARONI, AlejandroDoctor of Science
1971BRANSCOMB, Lewis McAdoryDoctor of Science
1971COLADARCI, Arthur P.Doctor of Science
1971FRIEDMAN, MiltonDoctor of Science
1971POWER, Mrs. Helen BlackburnDoctor of Humane Letters
1971REES, Mina SpiegelDoctor of Science
1971SHAKOW, DavidDoctor of Science
1971WHITEHORN, John Clare M.D.Doctor of Science
1970COOPER, Sir William MansfieldDoctor of Humane Letters