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Office of the Provost

Honorary Degree Recipients 1990 - 1999


1999BRONFMAN, EdgarDoctor of Humane Letters
1999FAUCI, AnthonyDoctor of Science
1998CHU, StevenDoctor of Science
1998DUKE, Leilani LattinDoctor of Fine Arts
1998KALFF, PeterDoctor of Laws
1998KIRSCHSTEIN, RuthDoctor of Science
1998STRATAS, TheresaDoctor of Music
1998vonDOHNANYI, ChristophDoctor of Music
1997BABBIT, MiltonDoctor of Music
1997BISHOP, John MichaelDoctor of Science
1997FELDMAN, JeromeDoctor of Science
1997KIRKPATRICK, Jean J.Doctor of Laws
1997PRINCE, HaroldDoctor of Fine Arts
1996FITZPATRICK, ThomasDoctor of Science
1996LEVIN, Robert D.Doctor of Music
1996MARTIN, Joseph B.Doctor of Science
1996OHGA, NorioDoctor of Music
1996PADGET, John R.Doctor of Laws
1996ZINMAN, David JoelDoctor of Music
1995BECKER, Gary S.Doctor of Science
1995DOLE, Elizabeth HanfordDoctor of Humane Letters
1995SATCHER, DavidDoctor of Science
1994ASHBERY, JohnDoctor of Humane Letters
1994BAIRD, Douglas G.Doctor of Laws
1994GOLDSCHMEDING, FritsDoctor of Laws
1994LEGHARI, Farooq Ahmad KhanDoctor of Laws
1994MILLER, Merton H.Doctor of Laws
1994MOYNIHAN, Daniel PatrickDoctor of Laws
1994PETERS, Ellen AshDoctor of Laws
1994PETERSON, Peter G.Doctor of Laws
1994RUDOLPH, FredrickDoctor of Humane Letters
1994SLATKIN, LeonardDoctor of Music
1994TEER, Barbara AnnDoctor of Laws
1993CALLOWAY, CabDoctor of Fine Arts
1993CARDINAL, TantooDoctor of Fine Arts
1993EVERAERT, Pierre JeanDoctor of Laws
1993GREENE, MaxineDoctor of Humane Letters
1993HORTON, FrankDoctor of Laws
1992BOONSTRA, CornelisDoctor of Laws
1992BROWNLEE, Paula P.Doctor of Humane Letters
1992LAWRENCE, JacobDoctor of Humane Letters
1992PRITZKER, Jay A.Doctor of Laws
1992SMITH, David H.Doctor of Science
1992TEMPLETON, John MarksDoctor of Laws
1991ALEXANDER, LamarDoctor of Laws
1991FLAVELL, John H.Doctor of Humane Letters
1991KAPPLER, John W.Doctor of Science
1991LINOWITZ, Sol M.Doctor of Laws
1991MARRACK, PhilippaDoctor of Science
1991NISHIMOTO, KanichiDoctor of Laws
1991SHAW, Robert LawsonDoctor of Humane Letters
1991TULLY, Alice BigelowDoctor of Humane Letters
1990CONWAY, Jill KerDoctor of Laws
1990GATES, Henry Louis Jr.Doctor of Humane Letters
1990MACOMBER, John D.Doctor of Laws
1990ROACH, Maxwell LemuelDoctor of Music
1990SACHER, PaulDoctor of Humane Letters
1990SANDBERG, Avery A.Doctor of Science
1990SWARTTOUW, FransDoctor of Laws