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Office of the Provost

Honorary Degree Recipients, 2000 - 2009

2009SASSON, StevenDoctor of ScienceGeorge Eastman House ceremony
2009PEREZ, AntonioDoctor of LawsCollege Commencement
2009SEAMAN, ChristopherDoctor of MusicEastman Commencement
2008BRUBECK, DaveDoctor of MusicEastman Weekend
2008MILLER, Arthur R.Doctor of LawsCollege Commencement
2008MULCAHY, AnneDoctor of LawsCollege Commencement
2008SIMON, J. PeterDoctor of LawsSimon Commencement
2007McPARTLAND, MarianDoctor of MusicDean Lowry's Investiture
2007POWELL, Gen. Colin L.Doctor of LawsMeliora Weekend
2007SEN, AmartyaDoctor of Humane LettersMeliora Weekend
2007GOLISANO, ThomasDoctor of LawsCollege Commencement
2007JACKSON, Shirley AnnDoctor of ScienceCollege Commencement
2007SOLOW, RobertDoctor of LawsCollege Commencement
2006GEHRIG, BrunoDoctor of LawsSimon Bern Commencement
2006FENNO, Richard F., Jr.Doctor of LawsCollege Commencement
2006GABBE, Steven G.Doctor of ScienceSMD Commencement
2006HENNEY, Jane E.Doctor of ScienceCollege Commencement
2006JOHNSON, William A., Jr.Doctor of LawsCollege Commencement
2006TURRIN, JosephMaster of Humane LettersEastman ceremony
2005BOLLINGER, Lee C.Doctor of LawsPresident Seligman's Inauguration
2005GUTMANN, AmyDoctor of LawsPresident Seligman's Inauguration
2005SEXTON, JohnDoctor of LawsPresident Seligman's Inauguration
2005OSPEL, MarcelDoctor of LawsSimon Bern Commencement
2005LOPIANO, DonnaDoctor of Humane LettersCollege Commencement
2005LUCHERINI, LuigiDoctor of LawsCollege Commencement
2005WEGMAN, Robert B.Doctor of LawsCollege Commencement
2004BARRETT, AndreaDoctor of Humane LettersCollege Commencement
2004CHESONIS, ArunasDoctor of LawsCollege Commencement
2004ECKERT, RobertDoctor of LawsDean Zupan's Inauguration, Simon School
2004SIEBERT, MurielDoctor of LawsSimon School Commencement
2004VARMUS, HaroldDoctor of ScienceSMD Commencement
2003OLDEN, KennethDoctor of ScienceCollege Commencement
2003WILLIAMS, John A.Doctor of Humane LettersCollege Commencement
2002FREEDMAN, James OliverDoctor of Humane LettersCollege and School of Nursing Commencement
2002ROWE, John WallisDoctor of ScienceSMD Commencement
2001JENSEN, Michael C.Doctor of LawsSimon School Commencement
2001NOVELLO, Antonia CoelloDoctor of ScienceSMD Commencement
2001WILLIAMS, John T.Doctor of MusicEastman Concert
2000BOGLE, John CliftonDoctor of LawsSimon School Commencement
2000CROZIER, Catharine (Gleason)Doctor of Musical ArtsSesquicentennial - ESM Ceremony
2000FORD, Loretta C.Doctor of ScienceSesquicentennial - Med. Inauguration
2000PECK, William A.Doctor of ScienceSesquicentennial - Med. Inauguration
2000THIER, Samuel O.Doctor of ScienceSMD Commencement