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Office of the Provost

Honorary Degree Recipients, 2010 - present

2018FIELDING, Ronald H. '73 (MA), '76S (MBA)Doctor of LawsSimon School Commencement
2018DOUGLASS, FrederickDoctor of LawsAS&E Commencement
2017SINGER, PaulDoctor of ScienceAS&E Commencement
2016WILDEROTTER, MaggieDoctor of LawsSimon School Commencement
2016ZEKELMAN, Alan '87 (MS)Doctor of LawsSimon School Commencement
2016CUNNINGHAM, Joseph F. '67 (MA)Doctor of LawsThe Meliora Challenge Campaign celebration in San Diego, CA
2015ANDERSON, PorterDoctor of ScienceSMD Commencement
2015BIAL, DeborahDoctor of Humane LettersAS&E Commencement Speaker
2015FREEMAN, RobertDoctor of MusicDedication ceremony to name the atrium of the Sibley Music Library in his honor
2015DUFFY, Robert J.Doctor of LawsAS&E Commencement
2015RASHID, Richard ’77 (MA), ’80 (PhD)Doctor of ScienceAS&E Commencement
2014GALWAY, Sir JamesDoctor of MusicGuest appearance in Kodak Hall at Eastman Theatre on the radio show From the Top
2014MATTHEWS, Christopher John (“Chris”)Doctor of LettersAS&E Commencement
2014MEYER, Barry M.Doctor of LawsAS&E Commencement
2014PERLMAN, ItzhakDoctor of MusicEastman Philharmonia guest concert appearance
2014PREVIN, AndréDoctor of MusicEastman Wind Ensemble Celebrating André Previn at 85
2013FORBES, Jr., The Reverend Dr. James AlexanderDoctor of Divinity AS&E Commencement
2013HOCKFIELD, Susan ('73)Doctor of ScienceAS&E Commencement
2013KUDLOW, Lawrence ('69)Doctor of LawsSimon School Commencement
2013LOWRY, DouglasDoctor of MusicDinner Honoring Douglas Lowry
2013NORMAN, JessyeDoctor of MusicBenefit Concert for a Better Community, Inc.
2013ZHANG, JieDoctor of ScienceAS&E Commencement
2012BENJAMIN, ReginaDoctor of ScienceSMD Commencement
2012CLARK, MatthewDoctor of DivinityAS&E Commencement
2012HURLBUT, RobertDoctor of ScienceSON Commencement
2012SIMMONS, RuthDoctor of Humane LettersAS&E Commencement
2012WALKER, GeorgeDoctor of MusicEastman Commencement
2011CONWELL, EstherDoctor of ScienceAS&E Commencement
2011FLEMING, RenéeDoctor of MusicBenefit Concert at Eastman
2011LAST, Jay T.Doctor of ScienceAS&E Commencement
2010BIRNBAUM, Linda S.Doctor of ScienceSMD Commencement
2010BRAUNWALD, EugeneDoctor of ScienceDean Taubman's Investiture
2010CARSON, Benjamin S., Sr.Doctor of ScienceSMD Commencement
2010CARTER, RonDoctor of MusicEastman Weekend
2010EADY, CorneliusDoctor of Fine ArtsCollege Commencement
2010KARRER, HeinzDoctor of LawsSimon Bern Commencement
2010KEEGAN, RobertDoctor of LawsSimon Commencement
2010THALER, RichardDoctor of ScienceCollege Commencement