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Degree Programs and Accreditations

The New York State Department of Education approves all academic programs and degrees awarded by the University of Rochester.  The Department of Education also compiles institutional statistics for the tracking student enrollment, retention, and graduation rates, throughout the year.

Departments and programs wishing to make changes to existing programs or degrees, or to develop new programs, must complete the required New York State forms and then obtain approval from the Office of the Provost.

Questions about this process should be directed to Kristen Balonek.

Applications for the following types of proposals:

should use this application:  Application

For revisions to existing registered programs, use this application:  Changes Application


New York State Inventory of Registered Programs


Undergraduate Studies Bulletin

Graduate Studies Bulletin

Credit Hour Policies and ComplianceOverview of the University of Rochester’s Credit Hour Policy – and relevant State, Federal, and Accreditation guidelines