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Business NameCategoryAddressPhone
A Step ApartShopping (Clothing & Accessories)235 Park Ave
Rochester, NY
(585) 241-3110
Aaron's Alley/Naughty and NiceShopping (Clothing & Accessories)662 Monroe Ave
Rochester, NY
(585) 244-3670
Bop Shop RecordsShopping (Other)274 North Goodman Street
Rochester, Ny
(585) 271-3354
Computers Etc.Shopping (Other)203 Main Street
Brockport, NY
Craft Company no. 6Shopping (Other)785 University Ave
Rochester, NY
(585) 473-3413
D&L Tropical GroceryShopping1005 Genesee St.
Rochester, NY
(585) 436-0460
FreewheelersShopping (Other)1757 Mt. Hope Ave
Rochester, NY
(585) 473-3724
Godiva's clothing StoreShopping (Clothing & Accessories)653 South Ave
Rochester, NY
(585) 244-3370
Greenwood BooksShopping (Other)123 East Ave
Rochester, NY
(585) 325-2050
Howard's Foam & Fabric SolutionsShopping (Other)519 E. Ridge Road
Rochester, NY
Jim Dalberth Sporting GoodsShopping (Other)925 Genesee St., at Brooks Landing
Rochester, NY
(585) 328-9746
Kingdom Ventures Inc.Shopping (Clothing & Accessories)6 Tyler Terrace
Rochester, NY
(585) 739-5088
Lakeshore Record ExchangeShopping (Other)370 Park Avenue
Rochester, NY
(585) 244-8476
Mary Kay Cosmetics from Sharna B. NicholsonShopping (Other)
Webster, NY
Men-talityShopping (Clothing & Accessories)21 State Street
Pittsford, NY
(585) 248-3870
Mercury Posters and FramingShopping (Other)1 Sumner Park
Rochester, NY
(585) 271-3110
Psychic's ThymeShopping (Other)439 Monroe Ave
Rochester, NY
(585) 473-4230
ROC CommunicationsShopping (Other)630 West Ridge Road
Rochester, NY
(585) 621-1888
slim goodie boutiqueShopping (Clothing & Accessories)650 South Ave
Rochester, NY
The Creator's HandsShopping (Clothing/Accessories)1311 Mt. Hope Ave.
Rochester, NY
ThreadShopping (Clothing & Accessories)654 South Avenue
Rochester, NY
(585) 232-7110
University of Rochester Eye Institute Optical ShopShopping (Other)210 Crittenden Boulevard
Rochester, NY
(585) 275-9800